6 week workout before and after ((results))

Hi everyone just thought id post the results of 6 weeks of hard training. Incase anyone was thinking of trying to get fit i guess these are the realistic possible results after 6 weeks. I trained 4 times a week, training all my upper body one day then lower body the next. I was eating alot of protein and drinkin around 2-3 of milk a day. I was also taking a creatine supplement.


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  1. SuicidalPandaz says:

    its all water weight, Creatine! Its not bad though, im’a start on it soon!

  2. skipermundus429 says:

    creatine mostly for show because it fills your muscles with water and when you stop taking it your weights go down and you lose alota weight

  3. paintba114life321 says:

    @alexthem123 never implied it was magic u still gotta lift to get big creatine just helps alot

  4. abeurakadabeura says:

    @degobro22 Loool you don’t know that ? Well I believe you rarely clean your hands after going to toilets XD
    When you put your hands in it, it makes some hot wind (sorry I don’t speak well english >_<) to dry your hands.
    Easier way than using paper.

  5. alexthem123 says:

    @paintba114life321 ever heard that its not magic?

  6. paintba114life321 says:

    @alexthem123 ever heard of creatine?

  7. noteboomable says:

    @alexthem123 his body just responded good to the training, he has great genetics most likely

  8. JamesJDMoe says:

    an you take creatine but only do body exercises. for example pushups. because i dont have any weights. so could i like do alot of body excericises and still take creatine. would i still get the same results as if i were using weights.?????

  9. degobro22 says:

    0:25 what the fuck is that thing to the left lol

  10. arnovanroy3 says:

    thats nice for 6 weeks mate ive been going to the gym for like 2 months and dont have that result :(

  11. forgedabouted says:

    whats the song mate

  12. 786myfist says:

    YOURE STILL small

  13. SicTrance says:

    @jamiewilden Muscle gain

  14. alexthem123 says:

    @VoodooSmash i train fine not everyone can expect those gains.

  15. VoodooSmash says:

    @alexthem123 u dont know how to train well

  16. WrestlingGorilla says:

    The next vid,just take photos without your face..you really are ugly.

  17. codFAN909 says:

    Don’t take this shit its like steroids when you stop taking it it will make your gained muscles shrink, and you’ll be heavily dependent on this and
    ( no it doesn’t make your pe-pe shrink)do it natural :)

  18. rbusse89 says:

    this is bullshit. Dont believe it

  19. TYLER3330 says:

    what kind of creatine did you use?

  20. crazycake93 says:

    @28conor28 gains seem unlikely unless supplements were used such as creatine.

  21. jamiewilden says:

    was there any side effects?

  22. hollow698 says:

    what song ?

  23. ben23394 says:

    biggest guy i know

  24. BadLuvin says:

    great progress. especially impressive that bench went from 115 to 200 with bodyweight increse of only 16 pounds at your height

  25. zzzcr8zykidzzz says:

    can you tell me where i can download the song ? please :D …..amazing transformation btw :-bd …just started taking creatine yesterday :)

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