Supplements Review Part 1 – Creatine Monohydrate

athleanx.com Lots of guys write in to ask me to review supplements for them and of them all, the most popular request is creatine monohydrate. That said, before you can do an honest supplements review of which is the best brand you’ve got to have an understanding of how the supplement works (in this case, creatine) so you can decide whether it’s for you. I decided to do a multipart series that will break down some of the more popular supplements available today like creatine, glutamine, essential fatty acids, protein powders, etc so I can inform my faithful viewers with the information they need to know before spending their hard earned money. Too often, supplements simply don’t live up to the hype. Instead of being let down, hopefully you’ll find the information in this video series to be exactly the information you were looking for to make informed buying decisions. Creatine monohydrate is where we’ll start. Creatine is one of the most effective but often misunderstood supplements on the shelves today. It’s time to start clearing up the myths. When you’re done with this video, head to http to grab your copy of the AthLEAN-X Training System. Every good supplement is made that much more effective when paired with a workout program! Let AthLEAN-X be the choice for you as it has for many top celebrities and pro athletes. It’s time to get ATHLEAN!
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  1. MrLiam141 says:

    @iJason111 i have watched it..the 17 day plan thing doesn’t make much sense that’s all..!!

  2. iJason111 says:

    @MrLiam141 /watch?v=OzGJnbBay90

    Watch that video

  3. MrLiam141 says:

    could u reitarate…or rather explain the 17 day to max load with 5 grams/ day! i can’t quite comprehend what your trying to explain

  4. MrLiam141 says:

    could u reitarate…or rather explain the 17 day to max load with 5 grams/ day! i can’t quite comprehend what your trying to explain.

  5. MrLiam141 says:

    could u reitarate…or rather explain the 17 day to max load with 5 grams/ day! i can’t quite comprehend what your trying to explain.

  6. OmegaKIllah says:

    Doesn’t creatine cause hairloss because it increases testosterone levels and therefore increases DHT production?

  7. franksblog2012 says:

    HAHAHA, BABY POWDER… Good video

  8. theseduction101 says:

    @ghillie2k4 20 to 30 minutes

  9. JonMrSmith says:

    When do you take this?

  10. PandasRecycleToo says:

    PLEASE RESPOND. How much water is needed to take creatine without bloating? And what age is recommended?

  11. xRoyalGamer says:

    what age would you recommend to start taking creatine?

  12. Roof says:

    thanks for clearing this up for me this been on my mind for long time.

  13. carrnj30 says:

    @IdotQTube If you read carefully, dumbass, you will see I didn’t ask him to personalize any workout for me. I simply asked him which mass gaining protein he gives his advice to use. He has videos critiquing protein powders and other supplements, in which he says which are best in certain circumstances. Read any comment on his videos, tons of people are asking him advice that pertains to them personally.

  14. IdotQTube says:

    @carrnj30 You expect him to “personolize” athlean-x to cater to your specific needs i mean not tryna be rude but dont be a dickhead..seriously..whats makes you special if you want to gain mass then you need to look for a different a workout if thats your primitive goal athlean-x is for people who want to lead a HEALTHY lifestyle and in doing so get an ATHLETIC look, NOT bodybuilders…SORRY IF I SOUND RUDE I JUST FIND YOUR COMMENT RATHER STUPID…

  15. carrnj30 says:

    I have been watching all of your workout videos and I have to say that I am impressed by your knowledge. However, before I purchase your program I would like to see how you can personalize this towards me. I am 19 years old, 150 pounds, and have been weight lifting for roughly 6 months in which i’ve gained nearly 20 pounds and see decent results. My goal is to get much bigger, and throughout my 6 months I have tried multiple protein powders but i’m wondering if mass gainers are the best for me?

  16. rgmcall says:

    good video. Creatine is Not created equally though all creatine is manufactured in china except for creapure which is manufactured from germany which is the purest form of Creatine Monohydrate.

  17. TheManWithNoShadow says:

    Hey , i’ve heared that coffe (black coffee , no sugar and stuff) is affecting bad the effect of the creatine. Can you tell me something about it ?

  18. rydmnv says:

    What is the difference between kre-alkalyn and creatine monohydrate?

  19. Mason1307 says:

    hey i really like ur supplement reviews. could u do one on Whey Protein???

  20. TheManWithNoShadow says:

    I’ve tried creatine ph-X and creatine matrix DYMATIZE , never tried monohydrate… but surprsingly ph-X worked better for me although it was like half the sum of the matrix…

  21. killerblade007 says:

    @ghillie2k4 THANK YOU SIR ;-)

  22. MrHellothisiscool says:

    Hey Jeff! I recently´╗┐ ordered your athleanx program and I was just wondering if you still are giving out that supplementation guide?

  23. ghillie2k4 says:

    @killerblade007 i’ve just been experimenting with when to take my pills. i find 30-40mins before hand works well , helps you go a little harder for longer.

  24. ghillie2k4 says:

    ok , im back . after 3 workouts with creatine and a full rugby match with it , i feel it is best taken roughly 40 mins before hand and i feel it improves my endurance where i can just go a little harder for longer. the pills are ideal to take quickly before a match and avoid a stitch.

  25. gokue55555 says:

    What does creatine tri-phosphate do?

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