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  1. pauliusX143 says:

    I just wanna tell you guys have a really great website helped me out alot thx.

  2. TNT905 says:

    @twinmuscleworkout aside from this creatine blend, can you recommend any others? i normally take the micronized monohydrate but i wanna to start supplementing some blends. I take jack3d but that again only has mono.

  3. mccomb930 says:

    When i take this product would it be good to start out with a 5 day load??

  4. Von635 says:

    does this creatine add size as well? thats what im looking for

  5. scottman12 says:

    beast is awesome i take this stuff 3 before 3 after and i got huge strength increase :)

  6. 8981372 says:

    how many capsules do i take after a workout ???

  7. dipper101 says:

    hey guys, have you guys heard of Con-Cret by pro-mera?
    I seen massive results in everything from that creatine almost put on about 15 pounds of lean muscle.
    You guys should check it out!

  8. ariisbest2 says:

    so im only 15. im not very strong, im actually pretty skinny, but ive been working out for a year. ive been trying different protein shakes (i take muscle milk and i only use it AFTER my workout, except on the weekends) but im still pretty skinny, tho i do have lean muscle. it might be puberty, because i push to my max every time i hit the gym. i just bought Beyond Raw: Rebuilt Mass, a creatine supplement, and im wondering if this will really work and how long till i see a difference? Thanks

  9. jjkannan says:

    hey really great review and video.. i know you siad you just took 4 after your work out, how many did you take on the days you didnt work out? do you think you actually need to take it on your off days at all>?

  10. callum14p says:

    yo, how long did you guys take this for and what were your biggest improvements? i just bought it and was just wondering if you saw big improvements, and how long it took before you noticed changes? thanks.

  11. Newbpwng says:

    i use cellmass i took axislab before Creakick and something else i dont remember and callmass is best for me but ill try this one next

  12. MOTHIKAS says:

    Creatine 189. ftw,

  13. Creatiine says:

    @drumplayinfool1 im 16 also very lean and weigh 170. what you need first off before any supplement is a good protein intake. for me i drink Monster Milk protein 50g a serving and has 2g of creatine. its not all that expensive and it tastes great. you need protein so your muscles can recover faster letting you work earlier and easier

  14. Koeiwarriorsfan16 says:

    Whats the best supplements you would recommend for getting bigger ?

  15. MSotelo503 says:

    @laughykassie CEE alone wont do it 10lbs is a lot in terms in lean mass. Stack with good diet and protein shake.

  16. laughykassie says:

    will cee help me gain weight? Im totally desprerate! pls tell me what can help me gain at least 10 lbs in 2 months andd does it matter if im a girl

  17. customphoenixwings says:

    monohydrate retains water, gives cramps, you have to have a loading phase and cycle on and off and isnt absorbed well. Unexpensive but mediocre results

  18. mikeydis15 says:

    I have 2 questions for you guys…
    1. You only took 4 pills after workout, none before?
    2. Did you take any on off days?
    Thank you.

  19. Jsmith858522 says:

    These guys are great, but they use a lot of “broscience”…. Still love the videos though!

  20. twinmuscleworkout says:

    @nirson123 I take this supplement after our workout

  21. nirson123 says:

    you guys take creatine before or after workout?

  22. drumplayinfool1 says:

    i’m 16,, 5’9″” and 140 lbs. I just started working out this year,, i started out on straight diet for weight gain. i’ve hit a plateau and want to keep building on muscle/strength gain and havn’t really looked into any supplements. alot of my friends are on prohormones(spawn). i don’t wan’t to take ph’s because my body isn’t done growing and i don’t want to damage anything. if i were to start on supplements for strength/weight gain what would you reccomend?

  23. MSotelo503 says:

    @twinmuscleworkout What you guys think about Kre-Alkalyn? I heard it only got a lil bit of baking soda and mono.. Last time someone did that it became a hit with the yola haha.

  24. Sader2202 says:

    @ReidHarris7 Dude thats evil.

  25. ReidHarris7 says:

    @Sader2202 Lol, do ittt ! Prolly would poison it.

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