Anti-ageing clinics push human growth hormone

Anti-aging clinics push human growth hormone in Australia.
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  1. asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 says:

    @TheLeilisa bullshit

  2. TheLeilisa says:

    @asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 i need a couple if inches more. I bought this ” helpo growth formula ” seems like works for me. It is herbal and safe.

  3. asdfghjklkjhgfdsa555 says:

    @TheLeilisa no, once the growth plates have closed you have reached your growth limit.

  4. TheLeilisa says:

    Do HGH work for muscle and growing taller after puberty?

  5. swastedcat says:

    i love Vitager, it really made me look and feel younger. i never thought it will really work but it did and i am happy.

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