Why You Should Take Multi-Vitamins

Multivitamins will help you recover faster and stay healthy. A must-have for hard working athletes and lifters. Check out my website at: www.NathanStrength.com My top 10 supplements: www.youtube.com MassMania Trailer: www.youtube.com Mass Mania Routine Day 1: www.youtube.com Mass Mania Routine Day 2: www.youtube.com Mass Mania Routine Day 3: www.youtube.com Mass Mania Routine Day 4: www.youtube.com For more details check out my website at NathanStrength.com Video Co-Directors: NathanStrength and Angel Navarro Videographer/Editor: Angel Navarro (www.youtube.com Music Track title: Arise From Ashes License Composer: Pierre Gerwig Langer (SESAC) Publisher:Lynne Publishing (PRS – CAE: 541626758)
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  1. TheDrewThompson says:

    im not gonna lie im going to be taking something like the one-a-day
    maybe ill switch to a legitimate multi-vitamin later on

  2. killerblade007 says:

    I’ll go for opti-men hehe

  3. mlyon834 says:

    Another good video, Nathan. I’ve been looking at Animal Pack products and might consider to try them. Right now I’m using Nature’s Way Alive! multi-vitamins, whole food energizer, and they have all the nutrition the body needs. You take 3 of these hard pills per day and they dissolve within minutes, unlike many vitamins out there. Through alot of research, these are some of the best.

  4. nathanstrength says:

    LOL, haha…. that just motivated me. Give me 3 months and you’ll see a full lat spread!!

  5. lq4fcrx7 says:

    AHHHH put your arms down man… you DON’T HAVE LATS!

  6. nathanstrength says:

    Yeah for sure. Animal Pak is a multivitamin to make sure your body isn’t deficient in anything. Protein on the other hand isn’t a vitamin. It’s a macronutrient that is required to repair and develop muscle. So I take both.

  7. swatbui1 says:

    if you take the animal pak, thing do you still take protein shakes?

  8. nathanstrength says:

    Omega 3′s are very important… video on that coming up.

  9. Mozzzole says:

    what about omega 3 (with/without 6, 9) pills? what is your opinion on that?

  10. nathanstrength says:

    I’m talking about the really cheap “One a day” pills. I don’t suggest using those ones though.

  11. nathanstrength says:

    I can’t be sure. But I’ve gained weight, and will be posting an update video hopefully by early March.

  12. Finnrod says:

    Happy Birthday Nathan! :)

  13. SKYWOLF8858 says:

    Did I hear multivitamin cost “a cent a pill?” haha

    Can you talk about fat burner in your next video? My friend is taking hidroxy cut and carnitine, and I’m kinda against it.

  14. John000156 says:

    its been 3 weeks, how many lbs of muscles have you put on so far?

  15. imangelanjo says:

    Darn it, I misspelled Gaspari..Sorry Nathan!

    ..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! dont spend your whole day in the gym!

  16. nickfs442 says:

    can you just crush them up and mix them with water or something? i hate pills. especially 11 pills a day lol

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