Axis Labs: 22nd Century Bodybuilding Supplements

Axis Labs: 22nd Century Bodybuilding Supplements

Based out of Denver, Colorado, and with a presence in six of the seven continents around the globe, Axis Labs is a well-regarded name in the field of modern sports nutrition. The company has a reputation as solid as the Rocky Mountains it is located near to and the stated intention of not “being the biggest company out there, just the best”, and it has taken steps to ensure just that. With stringent quality control that begins from the procurement of raw materials, continues during the manufacturing process in facilities that exceed industry and FDA mandated standards, and finishes when the last seal of authenticity is applied, Axis Labs ensures that quality is never compromised.

Raw materials are tested to ensure purity and potency before being blended into formulations After blending, the material is pressed, filled, or encapsulated and bottled after which final insection is carried out to meet the high in-house standards. Any product that does not meet these standards is dicarded. Some of Axis Labs‘ better known offerings are fat incinerator Adipo X, performance and endurance maximizer Slingshot, testosterone stimulator Hypertest and pre-workout formulation Smash Fully Loaded. The website provides detailed product descritions including nutritional facts and chemical compositions for weight loss.

All of these products are available for online purchase at rates lower than the retail prices. Axis Labs also provides free samples of its products on request, subject to a .99 per sample charge for shipping and handing. However, only 5 samples are allowed per customer.

Axis Labs is so confident of the quality and effectiveness of their products that it offers a unique guarantee in the form of the Product Guarantee Redemption Program. Through this program, if a customer feels that an Axis Labs product has not performed as advertised, he or she can obtain a redemption form through a request on the website This form, comleted, must be posted within 45 days of the day of purchase, after which Axis Labs will send a replacement product and cover the shipping and handling charges for the replacement. One redemption is allowed per household.

Axis Labs, besides its extensive dealer network, has a formidable online presence spearheaded by its comprehensive and excellently designed website and ably supported by accounts on social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. It also reaches out to the bodybuilding, fitness and athletic communities through its dedicated YouTube channel and detailed blog through which experts dispense advice. The in-house Athletic Majority Magazine and calendar, both available on the website, provide updates on important fitness events in the recent past and near future. A comprehensive product catalog is also available on the website.

Axis Labs takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) for military veterans. For any order placed on the website, as much as 10% of the proceeds go to the project. The company website also allows for direct donations towards the cause. WWP is wholly committed to aiding wounded heroes and easing not only their initial transition to civilian life, but throughout their entire lives as well. The project stays focused on its goal by organizing and operating under its ASSURE3 Model of Service, representing a commitment to Advocate, Serve, Support, Unite, Rehabilitate, Educate, Employ, and Empower wounded warriors.

Maria Pascual is a professional writer and researcher and enjoys marathon and distance running.

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