Chipotle Healthy Eating Video Series #15 – Food With Integrity – Fitness Nutrition

Click here budurl.com To Lose Fat and Gain Muscle with my online program from anywhere in the world. Or come into our private studio here in Chicago. Check out our life / body changing programs at; www.DarinSteen.com Chipotle Burritto is celebrating 18 years in business. They take pride in giving us a top quality meal. They call it “Food With Integrity”!! I love Chipotle, and you should too!! 2 take aways from this video are; 1.) when you eat healthy food, every 3 hours, and combine protein with carbs, you can eat lots and lots of food while you boost your body’s metabolism. Your body will be forced to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. 2.) By eating food at Chipotle you can feel great that you are eating a very high quality meal. This is so important. I have not eaten at McDonald or other fast food places in over 15 years. The average restaurants food has some chemicals and preservatives in it that it will kill you. “U – 2; Have The Power To Change!!” Make The Rest of Your Life… The Best of Your Life…!! I only eat Chipotle Burritos on leg day. If I eat there and it is not on leg day, I will eat only 1 of the Burrito and save the other half for later. Get plenty of hot sauce on it as this also helps your body burn fat faster. I like to get 1/3 chicken, 1/3 shredded spicy beef, and 1/3 steak. It taste great, but that way you get a more broad arrangement of amino acids. And that is always good. Istarted passionately studying what lean people were doing in 1981


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  1. swordfreak16 says:

    In other words if you hungry….. EAT!!!

  2. ilthemsc says:

    @beast36001 Darin has an umbilica herniation emergency surgery. So sorry Darin couldn’t make it. I really wanted to see him battle is up.

  3. beast36001 says:

    @hamiltonanthonylee so hes not entering? or did the show get called off?

  4. kaegrim says:

    Congratulations on youre nice comeback.

  5. RedSydeify says:

    Hey Darin you should make a video showing how you order your Chipotle.

  6. yozamier54 says:

    @fatlosslifestyle. Hey I’m 14 and I like eating healthy. Anyways i’m always getting bullied for eating healthy and exercising by my parents. Even I also read a report about teens that eat healthy tends to lead to obesity in adult years. Anyways I have a very very fast metabolism. I’m very slim I want to build muscle. Anyways my parents were thinking that I would starve myself. No I don’t When I eat I eat healthy.

  7. tdj444 says:

    Thanks man really appreciate your videos :D Helps alot and you are a true inspiration! Keep em coming and good luck!

  8. hamiltonanthonylee says:

    who is going to replace darin at the cronus??

  9. jcrsix1 says:

    Every workout should be intense darin!!

  10. SuperRamy21 says:

    hey darin, great video. i know the pros of taking creatine monohydrate as well as how taxing it can possibly be on your kidneys and/or liver. you being a person who overcame a cancerous kidney, do you have an opinion on taking supplements like creatine monohydrate. i understand the effects vary from one person to another but im curious as to your take on the matter

  11. RSVJosephV says:

    @theden You’re right about alkaline being good, but lemons are full of citric acid. They aren’t at all alkali…

  12. sp5286 says:

    @XghostriderrX DuDe thank you very much for information :)

  13. ProfessaKA0S says:

    chipotle away

  14. TrueGreatness73 says:

    Well according to the new study chipotle has been under count their calorie intake.. Thought I might update your information.

  15. thirdasian says:

    I’m sad for no cronus. I was really looking forward to hearing how you placed in that. I’m glad you placed first in the previous competition though. Honestly, was there ever any doubt, or did you know it that you worked hard enough to earn first place?

  16. XghostriderrX says:

    @sp5286 hahaha you read too much of everything. Studies shows that brown rice is much better but don’t skip the white rice it helps lower insulin which is good. Brown and white are equally good so don’t change a thing. White rice is starchy so I would not recommend eating it at dinner time. ugh! so much things to say… hahahha hope that helps.

  17. XghostriderrX says:

    hahah that meal cost you about 10 dolla or maybe more? for a burrito and a salad that’s about 20 dollar there so if you were to go spend that on high quality food at super market then you got more food. but time is precious some don’t bother going to the kitchen so CHipotle is the way to go. Darin nice vids liking the meal series! You plan going to Five guys burgers or In n Out soon?

  18. KingRockets says:

    hey darin are you planning on posting footage from IFPA show?

  19. hipretty says:

    what do you mean you put rice & veggies & steak & chicken in…is it a salad bar that you build your meal yourself???

  20. Rockforce80 says:

    lookin good Darin, glad to see you back and okay brother

  21. Amiel912 says:

    Thanks Darin these Chipotle video’s are great!

  22. FRITO88 says:

    Damn Darin, you have a lot of knowledge man. Thanks for all the tips.

  23. sp5286 says:

    so is white rice good??…….because i heard it has a lot of carb……..i was going to change my white rice to brown rice………..but if white rice is good…..i dont have to change it………so please reply…….

  24. mariobrochill says:

    Darin!, you only eat 200-250 carbs tops??

    don’t you feel thats too low?

  25. Thejizzmaster94 says:

    lol at “stracy carbs” makeing you more pron to gaining fat than protein or fat and saying protein and fat will less likely be stored as fat. your an idoit

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