Farting issue !

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  1. brunarte says:

    most of farting issues comes from intolerance to gluten, not too much protein

  2. ffin4o says:

    Can I use CREATINE + ANIMAL M-STACK and is there any danger for my health ?

  3. TheTheKRIT says:

    @asianstrength Wow you have no clue what your talking about… to much Protein causes CONSTAPATION! have you ever been constapated??? you cant shit or fart. when you have to much dairy your body will act as if your lactose intolerant, causing you to fart. ITS NOT THE PROTEIN! I dont have this problem. I never said he should eat more protein you fucking moron, I’m saying protein doesn’t cause gas, dairy products will.

  4. asianstrength says:

    @TheTheKRIT I got my information from reliable sources. Protein back up what part of the body? Eggs, milk and cottage cheese all contain protein. If you don’t shit at least once a day just eat more vegetables and tons of food and see if you shit once a day or not. Anyway buddy continue to eat more protein if that’s what you think.

  5. TheTheKRIT says:

    @asianstrength haha whats your “research” a bunch of youtube videos? If protein backs up that part of the body it won’t cause you to fart more it’s common sense. Most body builders and such fart alot because they consume lots of things such as eggs, milk and cottage cheese all of which will cause you to fart. To much portein doesn’t cause gas, a sign of to much portein is not having at least one shit a day.

  6. asianstrength says:

    @TheTheKRIT yes it does. It’s common for bodybuilders to fart a lot due to overconsumption of protein. Do your research before replying.

  7. TheTheKRIT says:

    @asianstrength no protein backs up that sort of thing. To much protein causes constapation it wont cause you to fart more

  8. asianstrength says:

    the reason why these bodybuilders have fart issues is due to over consumption of protein

  9. Athrun000 says:

    @SleepyHeadFin Whole milk..!

  10. AnabolicGorilla says:

    Gato I was just making a point all this guys videos don’t even help you . There all like 12 min long of no information just about him . Watch twinmuscle they get straight to the point !

  11. TWOCentHo says:

    lui, i don’t have whey protein shake (i can’t find good brand for me) so i drink a ton of milk as a pre/post workout and i have this issue BIG TIME. Hopefully, this helps :)

  12. gato29911 says:

    @AnabolicGorilla why dont you do it since you are on the computer already?-,-

  13. Alberigo121 says:

    Lui, you should attend one of Charles Poliquin’s PICP courses. You’d take your bodybuilding knowledge to the next level!

  14. AnabolicGorilla says:

    This video was a waste of time … no matter what protein source i eat I get gas like a big steak . How bout look up the answer Marco instead of making pointless videos about ur experiences .

  15. BigMandoF says:

    Hey can you talk about nausea!! every time i workout my legs i feel like puking it:/

  16. SleepyHeadFin says:

    @AtoZyzzyva No problems :)

  17. danielnator says:

    Thanks for the video Lui. I’m not lactose intolerant. Sometimes I get gas sometimes I don’t, its random. Right now I’m using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard and drink it with milk or water depending on whats available, but I don’t always get gas.

  18. AtoZyzzyva says:

    OK, thanks.

  19. SleepyHeadFin says:

    @AtoZyzzyva Its lactose

    Food: Lactose
    Glycemic Index: 46
    Glycemic Index Rating: Low

    Its slow sugar so its good :)

  20. AtoZyzzyva says:

    Is the high sugar content not bad at that volume?

  21. 007007007892 says:

    what are the consequences of missing a meal meaning you go 4 hours without eating during the day. is it that bad if this happens once or twice a week?

  22. SleepyHeadFin says:

    @AtoZyzzyva 1 Litre of 3,5% milk is around 640 calories , drink a few litres a day , get tons of calories and protein

    just sayin

  23. AduhAwas says:

    Well i’m not lactose intolerant (I drink a lot of milk/yoghurt) but just these last 2 days i’ve had MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD gas… I think it might be because i’ve been eating a lot of beans.

  24. dannyjingu says:

    I had that gas problem as well as diarreha when I used a whey protein concentrate, or a blend that was mostly concentrate. When I switched to whey protein isolate, it went away.

    I only mix my whey with either water or almond milk.

  25. ddf0dr1v3r2 says:

    why your Carbs intake is slow?you don’t take enough BCAA?you can take A Lot of BCAA?is just an AminoAcid……

    Many people have problems with Gases,I think that is caused the most because of Gastric Juice From Stomach which can get to Gastritis

    HUH???Klark Kent(SuperMan) is from Middle East???haha cool

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