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COULD YOU BENEFIT FROM A 60% INCREASE IN TESTOSTERONE? As men age, testosterone levels naturally begin to decrease at a rapid rate. Odds are you are one of the millions of men are suffering from low testosterone and the negative effects associated with it. The symptoms of low testosterone are a mile long, but to name a few there is the loss of: sex drive, muscle tone, muscle strength, sperm count, bone density and that youthful energy. More importantly, if you are an athlete, testosterone is vital for muscle repair and function. If your goal is to build a sexier, more muscular physique, then you know that sufficient testosterone levels are essential for building muscle mass and getting lean. The solution is MYODROL™ Testosterone Supplement. Axis Labs® understands why elevated testosterone levels are so vital to your ultimate success. This motivated us to bring you the groundbreaking MYODROL™ Advanced Testosterone Modulator. Unbelievably, the primary compound in MYODROL has been clinically proven to increase testosterone 60%! But that’s not all… MYODROL™ Testosterone Supplement – simultaneously decreases DHT and Estradiol. These “spin off” hormones typically increase in response to elevated levels of testosterone. However, these hormones elicit unwanted effects in the body. Two notorious examples are male pattern baldness, and increased fatty deposits around the abdominals and pecs. Simply put; by helping control DHT and Estradiol, MYODROL™ safely increases testosterone
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  1. BINEDIT says:

    have had bad dealing with axis lab. negative

  2. BINEDIT says:

    are post restricted here

  3. quyiter says:

    Are there any side effects possible with this?

  4. yopolopogus says:

    stack this shit with hypertest, basically like taking roids

  5. LinWster7 says:

    This stuff works great. Felt really good on it and made some gains.

  6. LinWster7 says:

    This is a great video. I want this guys body, muscular and lean but not a steroid body. He looks great. His face is handsome and not all puffy and bloated like a lot of gym guys. I am definitely going to give this product a try.

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