Creatine While Cutting?

Ever wondered if it was ok to keep using creatine while on a cut? Find out now! Mustache for Movember: www.movember.com Campbell Fitness Page www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Intro & Outro Provided by Phokus www.youtube.com


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  1. CampbellFitness says:

    @frosti0408 Stay classy.

  2. frosti0408 says:

    ron burgondy

  3. CampbellFitness says:

    @TheTonganMammoth I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  4. TheTonganMammoth says:

    I used to hear a lot of crap about “water weight” from guys @ work when the subject of creatine enters the conversation. Things like “It just fills your muscles with water.” I ended that with, “You know your body is 70% water right? That means muscles are 70% water also. So take out all the ‘water weight’ an ur left with ZERO muscle volume. So shut up wit the ‘water weight’ business!”

  5. CampbellFitness says:

    @blindmellonchittlen Thanks for watching/responding!

  6. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Excellent video, great information…

  7. MusixPro4u says:

    they most likely will :) … I just can’t stand when people are spreading out obviously wrong information to such a big audience.

  8. MusixPro4u says:

    @CampbellFitness they most likely will :) … I just can’t standing when people are spreading out obviously wrong information to such a big audience.

  9. CampbellFitness says:

    @MusixPro4u It’s all good, they’ll just tell you that you can do whatever the F you wanna do!

  10. MusixPro4u says:

    @CampbellFitness oh damn. this was meant to be posted on the latest hodgetwin video where they say creatine while cutting is useless. Sry!

  11. CampbellFitness says:

    @MusixPro4u What don’t you agree with?

  12. MusixPro4u says:

    Mayne…sometimes you spread misinformation all over the place


  13. CampbellFitness says:

    @MissVampirefitqueen Haha

  14. MissVampirefitqueen says:

    I was cutting upsom broccoli the other day and I hurt my finger…..no creatine includeded hahaha sorry for the bad humor…..maybe cutting broccoli with creatine might work? hahah nah… I dont need that atm

  15. CampbellFitness says:

    @RandomTaperTV You need to consistently hit it hard. Do you have access to a weight bench and bar? Or just dumbbells?

  16. RandomTaperTV says:

    @CampbellFitness ok .. and how can i get my benching to go higher ? im doing 125 and i’m 6’1 185 pounds ! too low , but then again my first time benching i did 110 , second 125 so…

  17. CampbellFitness says:

    @RandomTaperTV It really won’t do much harm, but it won’t do too much good either. You might be able to build up some endurance, but eventually you’ll need to step up the weights or reps!

  18. RandomTaperTV says:

    Is it ok to lift 20 30 dumbbells everyday ? like 4 times a week and so some chest ?

  19. CampbellFitness says:

    @lambo5277 Might try to do one tonight.

  20. lambo5277 says:

    Excited to see the bulking videos….that’s something I am struggling with pretty bad right now!

  21. CampbellFitness says:

    @xScrab311x Caffeine and creatine are fine together. There was a study back in like 2000 that said they might interfere with each other but it was never really proven. If you’ve ever taken a pre workout in the past almost all of them contain both ingredients.

  22. xScrab311x says:

    @campbellfitness, What about when someone is using caffeine or supplement containing caffeine. Is it still ok to stay on creatine? There are warnings that say someone shouldn’t mix the two. Thanks.

  23. musclectavio17 says:

    @CampbellFitness yea i get it but not well enough but thanks bro i really apreciated i hope you make a video soon your the man!!!!!!!!

  24. CampbellFitness says:

    @musclectavio17 The thinking is that during a bulk you put on muscle and some fat. Then when you cut, you do it in a way to strip away the fat and leave as much muscle as possible.

  25. musclectavio17 says:

    @CampbellFitness yea i understand that part the only thing i dont understand is wen i do bulk up to 160 if i cut wont i loose weight as well as fat wont i got back to being skinny? thats what am confuse about since am going to take less calories to cut up after all so yea man sorry dont mean to bother!

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