SPECIAL – LA Fitness Expo – Brandon Curry

www.instructionalfitness.com Joe Tong interviews IFBB Pro Brandon Curry at the 2010 LA Fitness Expo. Check out our exercise videos for the website at Instructionalfitness.com. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes! Now you can follow us on Twitter @i_fitness!


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  1. tomsko15 says:

    Brandon try to get all use No xplode insted AAS :D

  2. fabAB912 says:

    brandon curry is a good salesman.

  3. andrewp369 says:

    this mofo dont use this shit ROIDS will do it for you ahahha

  4. jappanese says:

    isnt 1 pound 2 ounces very little??

  5. Moniemon7 says:

    @cdwok creates a feeling of seperation between ppl. when we are all actually related and descended from what they call mitochondrial Eve. brother.

  6. Moniemon7 says:

    @cdwok that wasnt necessary was it? as a black man i dont think he was tryin to be nething. brother is like a term of endearment when you recognize we’re all in this together, and life is tough at times, bonding through terms of endearment is a good thing, we are all brothers and sisters, and we are equally all trying the best we can at this life thing, the last thing we need is to judge each other when we disagree on any level. realize what u said is judgmental, racist, and more importantly,

  7. mj23johnny says:

    wow he went this year… i was gonna go wtf

  8. Refining1 says:

    @blinkblinkblinkkdd Ok so I wasn’t the only person observing. I don’t think he’s drunk or anything. He just looks a little different here. Maybe he’s tired or something… IDK. He says he just had a baby, so I can only imagine his stress lately.

  9. cdwok says:

    lol he says you to brother at the end trying to be black

  10. blinkblinkblinkkdd says:

    I’ve seen every single BC video on youtube, but I dunno why I see this one different. He looks like being drunk!! lol. yeah drunk!

  11. Remyallison says:

    BC is such a beast and a really great dude too. I remember getting tips from him at the gym. He just acts like a regular dude. Thanks Brandon! Get that Mr. O

  12. gab9876 says:

    the skinny new joe looks 10 years younger

  13. rentslave says:

    Their new place in Secaucus,NJ is going to be a bigger failure than the nearby Xanadu,once the next round of layoffs begin.

  14. noob01 says:

    good stuff

  15. sebm89 says:

    I know brandon its huge. but the last couple of videos ive seen of joe, he look like hes getting smaller? hope hes allright :)

  16. Russisretard says:

    hes huge

  17. Dkingofcharleville says:

    watchhim plug bsn

  18. arpadkecskes says:

    Brandon Curry!!!! yeah!!

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