Crazy Cool Insane Badass Guitar Lesson: Scale Runs Made Simple

American Rock School.com teacher, Dave Arazmo, demonstrates scale runs… Speaking of runs, don’t ever put creatine in your coffee.


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  1. BigRuudy says:

    2:21 “what the hell is that on the ceiling?”

  2. chefshitpiece says:

    Fuck you, Biz.! U R fer sure the Anti-Christ…you dont fool me you evil fucker!!!

  3. endauthority says:

    No, usted

  4. 1skullduggery says:

    if you dont like it my friend will car-bomb you….

  5. 07elraton says:

    Dude, is it safe to play at those speeds? I don’t wanna pop any more blood vessels in my eye. lol…. thanks for the lesson. Cheers…

  6. LeWolfgang says:


  7. andr4681 says:

    Is that why Paul gilbert is not a human?

  8. halcyon321 says:

    oh my god…. this is exactly what i wanted to see… thanks man

  9. evilguardianz says:

    Do you do light palm mute when doing scale runs?? Cause when I try to do em, I get a frizzy sound in the background and it mostly covers up the note sounds :/

  10. KEVO12jew says:

    Dude you remind me of myself

  11. shango02005 says:

    I heard this great quote: ” an amateur practices to get it right, a pro practices so he doesn’t get it wrong.” I love it! No idea where it came from, though. Thanks for the lesson, bro!

  12. letterbekmen says:

    what guitar is that? kicks ass

  13. MasterAoiPhantomhive says:

    Yeeeah! Party at your house!

  14. mandaraUZUMAKI says:

    lol at the last part

  15. trevorbadger says:

    His problem is that he didn’t practice it slowly from the start. His hand isn’t relaxed. I can tell because he picks exactly how I used to pick. Notice how all of his fingers are stiffly connected, rigid, and flail outwards. Not trying to be that prick on the internet… he’s good.. but he learned the wrong way like I did.

  16. beme2day says:

    these are difficult to play that fast. Yes he made some mistakes but most people would just play through and end the vid. This guy im guessing is a perfectionist.

  17. nonaCbarC says:

    I saw this pattern from a Paul Gilbert’s instruction vid some yrs ago. :D

  18. barflin says:

    Very thorough…awesome video. Awesome playing. That was a big big help. Thank you Dave.

  19. dizzykrissi says:

    Second half of the video is practicing :-)

  20. DHgtr1 says:

    Cool..very good,,I liked it Thanks

  21. TrevENGL says:

    “some pretty slick patterns……..y…you, can go back over there if you want” haha wow that was hilarious, I was wondering how long he was going to stand there. Great playing though man! Your videos are awesome.

  22. Eman619 says:

    How you pick so fast ?

  23. LeWolfgang says:

    Making mistakes doesn’t make a guitarist bad. It makes them human.

  24. naniho says:

    Thanks so much for sharing all your riffs and how-to guitar knowledge.  You’ve helped a lot of us and made better guitar players out of us.

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