Delts Workout – Brandon Curry Unleashed S4 EP4

Team BSN pro bodybuilding star Brandon “The Prodigy” Curry is back with Season 4 of Brandon Curry Unleashed! Get a behind-the-scenes look at Brandon’s training in Tenby, Wales leading up to the 2012 Arnold Classic in this BSN Video exclusive.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Louie212121 says:

    Please modify your username to XtremeWhingebag. You are going to base your entire judgement of how hard he trains off one 6 minute video? Seems legit

  2. Louie212121 says:

    I’m sure they’ll mark him down for that in the Olympia :/

  3. TopR8edMedia says:

    why would we care about how hard u train?

  4. baddathanjohnny says:

    i did this and couldnt move my shoulders lol 

  5. RockMyS0ul93 says:

    well it’s true that strong people can use light weights and practice proper form and all but the thing bout bodybuilding is that it isn’t about who can lift more weight and stuff. it’s bout who managed to develop the best physique. and every now and then, people need to take it down a notch or two to allow their muscles to recover while maintaining muscularity. hope that helped.=)

  6. JBourneID says:

    >>> Using less weight certainly is a good thing often times but actually possessing less strength as opposed to more being a “good thing” doesn’t seem to make much sense. Can you explain why it is often a good thing to be weaker as opposed to stronger? Strong people can use light weights & focus on sharp & strict form too.

  7. stoudemire132 says:

    Especially Dexter Jackson…..true BBer with a great physique….old school aesthetics physique

  8. bk13na says:

    phil heath

  9. 2060silviu says:

    great arms

  10. Blake2134 says:

    Obviously you’ve never done a Neil Hill workout

  11. RapidrealtyPyramid says:

    Damn thats a shame , uses steroids and tireds out like that?

  12. ForeverFitness10 says:

    Hi people please check out my channel for Workouts and Flexing, Thank you

  13. colaluca2006 says:

    Beast mode!!!!!

  14. aburton1486 says:

    i totally agree cutler and coleman have such a bloated look where brandon has a more defined smoother look they should start having these style body builders winning. i also met brandon and you can tell he will be a good rep for the sport

  15. ctsurg says:

    Zack Khan has it all..size and definition.

  16. Royalpower44 says:

    Finally getting back to the basics of bodybuilding, iso the body part and limits injuries with lighter weight..Not hating on cutler or coleman but the mass monsters are getting old we should have winners with better definition and size like curry and kai

  17. spector11 says:

    finally someone who actually knows how to train rear delts

  18. jrkloud says:

    What song is this?

  19. Faux499 says:

    and seriously, he’s JACKED. stop hating on how he GOT jacked and worry about yourself. if you dont like the workouts than shut the fuck up and stick to your routine. good fucking god.

  20. Faux499 says:

    just because he doesnt scream like a maniac doesnt mean he isnt training hard. he just doesnt need to holler to get his reps

  21. ASIMPSON54 says:

    They obviously aren’t showing his whole workout or necessarily telling you everything he does, these are more ‘motivation’ video than information.
    Totally agree with earlier said, ‘it’s more about food/nutrition than anything.’

  22. XtremePerformance says:

    This guy is not even training hard at all in this video i train alot harder with more intensity, fucking good genetics does it all.

  23. brandoncueto says:

    4:52 he’s working out his shoulders but i can’t stop looking at those biceps

  24. AfrikanGod1 says:

    getting better , no doubt

  25. LloydyHill says:

    Correction,The Hardcore Gym known as the Dungeon Gym is in WALES mate! ;-)

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