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View all recipes here: youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com T-Shirts: leanbodylifestyle.spreadshirt.com Pinterest pinterest.com Google+: gplus.to Fitness channel: youtube.com If you enjoy these videos, share Lean Body Lifestyle with others! Share LBL on Facebook: on.fb.me Share LBL on Twitter: clicktotweet.com This recipe makes 8 slices of banana bread. Each slice (with almonds) has: 196 calories 3.3g fat 27.7g carbs 13.1g protein Each slice (without almonds) has: 176 calories 1.8g fat 26.9g carbs 12.3g protein You will need: 2 cups whole wheat flour 1/2 cup stevia 2 scoops vanilla whey protein 1 tsp. baking powder 2 tbsp. fat-free Greek yogurt 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk 2 egg whites 2 eggs 1 banana (mashed) 3 tbsp. whole almonds (optional) Cinnamon Lean Body Lifestyle t-shirts are now available: www.leanbodylifestyle.spreadshirt.com Music by Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com Scattershot, Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ http


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  1. Lupcovable says:

    Out of curiosity, what’s your monthly grocery and supplement bill?! :O

  2. lexyw1988 says:

    just made this, really simple and tastes awesome!!!!!!! The only tweaks i made were; i missed out the stevia, used a vanilla pod to get the sweet taste and I put pecan nuts on top. Made my kitchen smell amazing as well in the process!

  3. kimi777able says:

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  4. lexyw1988 says:

    Nice work buddy, will defo be giving this a try this weekend!

  5. jbed430 says:

    You can add things like Chia seeds, cacao nibs, walnuts, etc. Great work!

  6. sarasayshi says:

    This looks good but I would probably add some chocolate chips to it!

  7. themangalover1 says:

    you can use yogurt instead of egg, and there are a bit more expensive egg product that is not really egg but without all the bad cholesterol and low fat.

  8. MrAsingh1989 says:

    is there a replacement for the egg i donnot eat meat i have all my milk and dairy product but i dont any flesh meat or pultry producs

  9. ltz15 says:

    it can be a dessert its like a cake, a brownie of some kind. Try it its great :)

  10. AwesomeForever says:

    love this and will make it tomorrow


  11. undeadheart66 says:

    I just made this, the whole kitchen and house for that matter smells like cinnamon and bananas, you were right. the only thing is that I halved the recipe and my pan is not that shallow so it doesn’t look quite like bread but tastes like banana bread. I mixed in some walnuts and bananas but the calories are most likely around the same. Oh and I used low carb flour so mine is probably lower carb than yours.

  12. Joeis102 says:

    amazing recipe man loved it :D 

  13. Shane48691 says:

    stop shouting. please.

  14. TheMissLeo says:

    This was yummy. My bread pan broke so I used a pie pan and it rose up pretty high and had to cook for almost an hour but it came out great. Big slices for 176 calories. Happy with this recipe. Thanks!

  15. kokosschoko says:

    Hi there from germany…I don’t know banana bread…do you eat it as a dessert ?

  16. TheMissLeo says:

    Never been a fan of banana bread but this looks good enough to try. Out of protein powder but once I get more this is on.

  17. deepdownabove says:

    first thought would be that you didn’t blend the baking powder into the batter enough and that it sort of all fell to one side of the pan, therefore causing only a portion of the bread to rise. My two cents.

  18. kingcheefty12 says:

    Hey i just made this recipe. It looks great, only wish i took it out slightly earlier so it would be more moist. Would you suggest spreading some peanut butter on for a tasty treat? Also my bread rose really high at one side and the other side hardly rose at all. How could i fix this?

  19. kenkenangelo says:

    Mike does it have to be the pastry flour? Can I just use regular wheat flour?

  20. alectrifyingalex says:


  21. leblinski says:

    My father is a pro cook and at first he was quite laughing at your recipe but in the end he got quite impressed with the result haha good job

  22. aYglr says:

    you can brake a freaking window w that slice …

  23. zewski92 says:


  24. iloveursis says:

    i know whats your favorite food, cocoa and banana.

  25. wmontano8 says:

    great video, looks great, keep it up

    your boy, Will

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