Human Growth Hormone: This Interview Answers Questions

The Boomer Report: One of America’s leading researchers, DR. Andrew Hoffmann talks about his latest research into whether or not HGH actually works. Everything you wanted to know is here!
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  1. pbplyr51 says:

    hes reading everything he says. notice how much he fucks up. dude is full of shit

  2. 1334penny says:

    Everyone does not want the Youth, they just want to live better daily!

  3. 1334penny says:

    This video is a LIE! Try talking with Eli Lilly! Try talking with a person that went from 28 pills a day to exist to 3 pills a day! NOT everyone want to be perfect or live forever or be young forever some of us just want to life day to day!

  4. 1334penny says:

    HGH I something I took for almost 2 years with NO side effects what so ever. I had and IGF-1 level drawn and it was low my own family practice doctor and his wife also a doctor spent a year looking up all the information from Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, In. I was not looking for a youth thing, I wanted to stop taking 28 pills a day to live a normal life.  After 1 month on HGH by Eli Lilly I was feeling great within months I was down to 3 pills a day and love each day of my life.

  5. kennydeeedeee says:

    HGH is good for people. For a collective information on HGH, search HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH), written by Jerry Emanuelson. It’s the best I’ve read on HGH. The FDA unleashes their dogs to demonize any drug or procedure that will cure people and make them healthier. Why, because it’s bad for the business of big Pharma, who keep the FDA well sustained by dues. If you want to see the true face of the FDA and big Pharma, watch, for example, here on you tube, “Cancer is a Serious Business!”

  6. miketyty321 says:

    sure. I don’t specialize only in HGH although I have extensive knowledge about its use/results/etc. it’s one of the more commonly asked questions I receive on a daily basis. Go ahead….

  7. MYV382N says:

    “healthy aging”- an oxymoron if there ever was one.

  8. LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

    they do’nt want hgh in the market so that medical companies can make money. they don’t want people who are healthy cause they make no money HGH is good my buddy used it. just dont over use it. and don’t abuse it. if u stay within the guide lines it works great my friend had used it for 6 months.

  9. wondeboy12 says:

    The results of this test in queastion was inconclusive. Many of these individuals didnt exercise on the HGH despite the fact it was suggested they do. All this shit can do is help you recover faster, if you are recovering from nothing of course it doesnt work.

    Many who participated in or over the recomended exercise & in some cases diet suggestions noted marked improvments in lifestyle. I’m not saying legalise it I’m saying lets test it more its a powerful part of medicine we need to knowmore

  10. boomerreport says:

    This is a Stanford prof. who studied the results of nearly all the world-wide studies conducted on HGH in relation to the elderly. He has no ax to grind and is simply telling the conclusions of the studies he studied (got that ?!) Having conducted the interview I found him credible.

  11. xthantos says:

    If it onyl you cost you that, then you don;t have real HGH. My buddy sells the shit and it costs him almost 1000 for a 1 month supply of vials… You probly got ripped off buying one of those supplement knockoffs where you take pills or rub cream on your skin LOL.

  12. TheLeilisa says:

    Do HGH work for muscle and growing taller after puberty?

  13. eroc613 says:

    You said “older men” in your op, not elderly people. And it’s a fact that HGH and testosterone are being used for anti-aging for millions of “older” people. (Elderly is a different sub-category, just the same as children would be a seperate category) Like I said, what he saying seems accurate, but that apllies to elderly people.
    Throwing a blanket over everyone would not be an accurate assumption.

  14. pandemiCDG says:

    There’s a review called “Systematic Review: The Safety and Efficacy of Growth Hormone in the Healthy Elderly” published in the annals of internal medicine. Their conclusion is: “The literature published on randomized, controlled trials evaluating GH therapy in the healthy elderly is limited but suggests that it is associated with small changes in body composition and increased rates of adverse events. On the basis of this evidence, GH cannot be recommended as an antiaging therapy.”

  15. eroc613 says:

    Most everything he said was accurate. But what studies are you talking about “HGH and testosterone for older not having pleasant benifits?” How do explain that millions of men, and the numbers are growing, that are using HRT? They are not getting “pleasant benifits”, but they keep going back, and the numbers are growing?”
    Your logic is flawed.

  16. TheLeilisa says:

    Do HGH work for muscle and growing taller after puberty?

  17. pandemiCDG says:

    Why would you think he was lying? I’ve read such studies about HGH and testosterone for older men and really the findings have not been pleasant. It doesn’t mean there are no people who can take these drugs and be relatively fine with them but it just shows they’re not feasible anti aging drugs.
    Also, maybe these studies aren’t even 100% correct but we have to use the information at hand.

  18. nagyba says:

    It would mean CANCER in most cases…

  19. nagyba says:

    The government has a high interest in having healthy old people. Its a big Global Problem that there are too many inactive people who is dropped out of the labor force because of aging.

    Dont be childish nobody is evil here… The problem is people believe everything what these people say them.

    They advertise this thing that it will make your brain and heart became younger. That would be a really big problem if heart or brain-cell division would start again for olders…

  20. swundle says:

    5-20k a year? …cost me 325 for 10 weeks…next!

  21. biantai888 says:

    It’s correct. You pronounce the letter M like “em.”

  22. aaantonios says:

    if u specialize in hg could i ask a private question?

  23. pzpepsi says:

    you caught that too….haha

  24. MrTimm77 says:

    he’s talking scripted

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