Creation Kit Dialog Test

Just uploading a short test of the dialog and lipsync system available with the Creation Kit for Skyrim. Bren Fox-Paw is the first addition to a WIP that will take you away to a new land or even a whole new world space, Atmora.
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  1. chocoaddcition says:

    Nice! The voice sound really Legit. If I didn’t look at the title of the video I would have been fooled into believing that this was out of the actual game!

  2. vonpiro says:

    cool voice, nice job

  3. Zeviles says:

    Good Job!

  4. PinoyGamers says:

    And what microphone?

  5. PinoyGamers says:

    Tutorials plox?

  6. michaelwalsh1234 says:

    So here – did you just record the audio, and the programme automatically lip-syncs it? Or do you have to do that yourself? Great voice-acting, btw.

  7. SnakePlisskenPMW says:

    so let me get this straight. what you did here was. created that mans voice? like was it your own voice or some one you know or met with? also… the models lips then snyc in with that voice you added? … or is it that you made custom text dialog replys for the player to chose from when being spoken to?>

  8. FusfusDa says:

    i made a dialogue/quest – but how to add it to an npc?

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