NBA Lockout — Brings Gamma Labs and Al Harrington together during the off season

Gamma Labs welcomes its newest member to their already strong and impressive team, NBA future hall of famer Al Harrington. Al Harrington (former first round draft pick in the NBA) is really worried about the fans during this NBA Lockout situation. Al and other professional athletes really need to work on staying in shape during the off-season to have a chance of winning a title. Gamma Labs PTF is the product of choice to get an edge on the competition and it gives Al Harrington that boost he needs. We are looking forward to seeing his performance on the court as a result of his training using Gamma Labs PTF.


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  1. diepille12345 says:

    I know you gotta praise the guy you’re shooting the video with gamma labs but ” future hall of famer Al Harrington”? come on… ^^

  2. mikeybibbs says:

    Lol at NBA “superstar” hahaha

  3. 1emobo1 says:


  4. MrLawngIsland says:


  5. tko16 says:

    Great guy. GAMMA!!!!!!!

  6. MysteriousBobby says:

    Harrington is a beast!! I absolutely love gamma’s ptf as well. Pretty cool to see Al Harrington takes it too =p

  7. goingClubbing says:

    put it on me!!!

  8. ecmanimal23 says:

    He’s a great guy. It is good to see that somebody still cares about the fans.

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