★ EASY Bodybuilding High-Protein Dessert: Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Yogurt

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  1. 2DELICIOUS4me says:

    So simple and yet sooo tasty…!
    A clean sweet treat…. :•)

  2. Akram Tamanna says:

    I have a question, have you wondered this method called the Max Muscle Method? (look for it on google). My mom says it gets people stronger.

  3. reese9595 says:

    Recommendation… You should put the nutritions stats below the video so you can see it without having to rematch the videos.

  4. sdave1011 says:

    Just started nice. I have gluten free issue and a lot are friendly thxs

  5. hardcoredan81 says:

    Couple of days pog sent me and loving all the vids

  6. smokeandmirr0rs says:

    i love this channel!

  7. Margotti04 says:

    since yesterday and so far loooving every single vid! keep it upp!!!! 

  8. SteelCutStrength says:

    Just had this for my post run snack. AMAZING. I love anything with peanut butter and or bananas so this was great. And the size was good too. Started foff today with chocolate protein pancakes, had protein jello post workout, had the tuna pattie twice today, and now this. Every one of my,eats today has been from leanbodylifestyle. Been a subscriber since the beginning. Love it

  9. soldierside365 says:

    there is no better combination than peanut butter and banana..

  10. ohlala193 says:

    yep! that program u suggesyed me is one
    hell of a rock! The intensity of my sessions
    is tailored to my capabilities and i feel
    exhilirated after every session. Btw, u got
    the site name mispelled. Here’s the correct
    WeightLossAction -dot- info

  11. mGalleta62 says:

    My idol, much respect for all the helpful vids. You make healthy nutrition so much easier and enjoyable to follow. Nutrition is just getting worse with all the new tech, but not with you and your vids. Thanks so much. You’re vids are free too, I’ve bought healthy recipe books in the past in an attempt to change my diet, but nothing beats you and your channel! Appreciate it!

  12. jswizzle02 says:

    your videos are incredible man. keep it up and thank u so much!

  13. Dukie Heyworth says:

    i think you can use any type of frozen fruit

  14. redwings14151 says:

    Just started watching your vids a week or so ago. they are really going to help me out with dieting..makes things less boring! Thumbs up and I will be sure to tell my friends!

  15. leanbodylifestyle says:

    Welcome aboard!

  16. MrShuffleJack says:

    First time watching ur vids was today, the one im watching now :L so thats about 2:28 of viewing time :)

  17. yogibong says:

    Greetings from South Africa. I have taken interest for the last month and am currently on a diet for three months going. I’m on a lowcarb diet and your recipes made it possible for me to change this “diet” into a permanent lifestyle. I absolutely feel so good and lost 14kg. I’m not feeling tired all the time and have loads of energy. Your mash recipe was the first one I tried and now, the whole family is hooked. My sweet tooth is also quite happy given all the recipes that you have available. TX

  18. rahrahritaa says:

    i’ve been watching since last summer. your recipes have helped me lose 30 pounds and now i’m down to around 23% body fat :)

  19. neicebug says:

    I do appreciate all your effort!!! I LOVE the different ideas and that you actually make them for the camera! I know it is time consuming!! BUT THANK YOU!!!!  :D

  20. neicebug says:

    do you have a video on how to freeze bananas??? Like to keep for several weeks so they don’t turn brown???

  21. ginnovale97 says:

    Why dont i just jack off into a cup it looks the same, damn

  22. GeneaArlett says:

    I’ve been watching for a little over a year… I only subscribed a couple months back though, lol. Love the ideas I have gotten from your videos. I was able to use a lot of them to help my mother and myself become more healthy, even though she backed out, I have stuck with it. Thanks so much!

  23. MDsteroid says:

    STEROIDS best price (steroidmd com)

  24. ankeedo88 says:

    i’ve been watching for about 8 months now. i really have been enjoyed to watch your videos,
    and i’ve tried to make some of your recipes and i found’em really good. So thank you so much

  25. 541397964 says:

    Hey 25 months! Congrats!

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