TMW Hodgetwins vs The Durianrider: Fake creatine ‘muscle’ vs REAL muscle strength.

TMW Hodgetwins vs The Durianrider: Fake creatine ‘muscle’ vs real muscle strength. Nothing personal against TMW Hodgetwins twin muscle workout guys. Just sharing my comments and criticisms. Im saying with all the intermittent fasting etc that its leaving our hodgetwins weak when it comes time to train. Why can they only lift 50% of what they should be lifting for guys in that bodyweight? That means they are not getting enough nutrients to be able to train effectively to build TRUE muscle vs fake ‘muscle’ aka creatine muscle or whey protein isolate inflammation ‘muscle’. Again not hating on the hodgetwins tmw fasting twins cos they have some good things to say now and then. Just sharing my experiences working in the health and fitness industry since 1999. I used to sell protein powders and creatine supps via the internet affiliate links too. I can totally relate where they are coming from. My suggestion to the hodgetwins if they want to put on some real muscle would be to lift heavier weights with good form and ditch the supps that just puff the muscle out and decrease overall health. They will be WAY stronger btw. tags: power training strength durianrider muscle bodybuilding creatine protein tmw vegan “hodge twins” body building bench press “twin muscle workout” rant debate noob broscience training exercise creatine monohydrate jack3d dmaa
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  1. sm64no1LOL says:

    What a stupid video? Fake muscle? They are not on steroids, which is the only form of fake muscle I can possibly think of. Any other form of fake muscle it’s as if he’s suggesting there is actually no muscle ere, it’s protein sitting there in their arms ands legs. Seriously wtf? This coming from a grown man? To clear things up for you sir, the hodge twins are bodybuilders, what you are suggesting is power lifters, which the hodge twins hav nber promoted or given any advice on.

  2. deadchimp45 says:

    lol dude this comment was funny ^^

  3. HabsFan081 says:

    i cant… honestly i cant even…. holy f@#% you’re so stupid omg

  4. Anonymmify says:

    Man, talk about a superiority complex….

  5. Virus940 says:

    Now this guy is just trolling hard.

  6. fatboitino2 says:

    Strength is more of a neurological adaptation, not a muscular one;

    The twins train with 225, but their reported best weight is 350;

    Creatine would not cause them to get that big alone, and muscle hypertrophy is causes by a number of factors.

    There is no such thing as fake muscle unless you get all hopped up on synthol injections,
    Therefore, I hereby conclude, that you go eat a banana, and research more.

  7. djsdt2007 says:

    shut the fuck up

  8. artemroy411ify says:

    dude I fuckin bet you cant even bench of the fucking blanket of your body when you wake up

  9. 1ChiBull1 says:

    Damn.. u really are retarded

  10. RJJP4PKING says:

    u fagit strenth aint got to shit to do with it body building

  11. bazinggggg says:

    this guy is obviously retarted

  12. iMW3BK says:

    Bitch the strongest part of your body is clearly your hair so how the fuck can you talk? Look at the way it fights with gravity and wins.

  13. beavisandbutthead9 says:

    dude, shut the fuck up. you make no sense. you say they spew a bunch of bullshit, they say one thing, and you twist their words.

  14. TubeSkipp says:

    you r annoying fuck … i hope u will choke to death with your 30th banana one day …

  15. TheStahleyclan says:

    That guy had a bench shirt on too… Complete bull shit.

  16. Konsti1 says:

    @andres757575 Exactly! What an asshole this dude.

  17. Konsti1 says:

    @Konsti1 Really, dude. I think you need 2 things: you need to read a bit and maybe you’ll look less dumb and second you need therapy for your attention seeking addiction.

  18. d123a123n says:

    ‘fake muscle’ this guy fo real?

  19. Konsti1 says:

    @Konsti1 I know better. I’m right, they’re wrong. But hey, I’m not judging… But I’m better. And I’ll prove it to you by repeating I’m better.”

  20. Konsti1 says:

    Man o man, what a stupid fuck! I’ll summarize this video for you so you don’t have to waste your time watching it. Here we go: I’m better than the hodgetwins

  21. GloomProduction says:

    You’re clearly too obtuse and ignorant to realize what message I’m trying to send you, but I don’t give a fuck. Think whatever the fuck you want to think.

  22. an6310fd3ath says:

    whey protein isnt puff/ fake muscle you vegan fuck, bodybuilding is an art. they are intact with the muscles, they dont just throw a bunch of weight, wear a rubber band shirt and bounce the weight up, if thats what you call real muscle, your ignorant

  23. Thyllnes says:

    fake ‘muscle’ aka creatine muscle or whey protein isolate inflammation ‘muscle’.* you are hust making stuff up!

  24. IAmJohnzor says:

    ight well the 123 lb dude is wearing a powerlifting shirt with that 303 lift nonetheless very impressive now strength is an act of the CNS central nervous system therefore you can be strong without a massive amount of muscle now you can train your muscles to make them grow through hypertrophy but they are just 2 different types of training clearly the hodgetwins are bodybuilders or a hybrid and the 123 lb guy is clearly a powerlifter

  25. Thyllnes says:

    they are bodybuilder you idiot! + you havent seen bodybuilders train, most of them are strong ass fuck. ++++++++they arent puffy, the have been cutting fat and water. who the fuck do you think you are? you dont know shit about powerlifting or bodybuilding!!

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