Joe Rogan Fear Factor Fight

Joe starts to kick a contestants a** after the guys wife hits Johnny Fairplay.
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  1. dave jacobs says:

    The UFC employs piss and semen drinkers, LMAO.

  2. dave jacobs says:

    Joe takes a black belt and ties it into a series of knots and then slowly stuffs….

  3. dave jacobs says:

    Joe Rogan drinks tee tee. His own tee tee. Joe also drank donkey semen. And that ain’t all Joe drinks folks.

  4. 宝くじ当選しました お譲りします says:


  5. Seppermand says:

    noooo he would choke you out…..

  6. Mitchell King says:


  7. sgjv99 says:

    No….its Bill gates

  8. soothingrelaxing123 says:


  9. beatz963 says:

    joe rogan has a black belt incase you didnt know. dont go fuck near him he will knock you the fuck out.

  10. lulu818LA says:

    Hey heyy hey Heyyy!!!!

  11. SickTalent says:

    didn’t think “hey if you and your husband hit each other that’s one thing, but you don’t go up and hit him.” was necessary to say, but hey! was funny as fuck and entertaining!

  12. SickTalent says:

    Good game, well played.

  13. devilsrain729 says:

    There is always one faggot that feels the need to break up a fight.  Just let them fight homo

  14. BumbleBeat21 says:

    Joe Rogan has a black belt in Taekwondo and BJJ…trained and competed in Kickboxing, started with Kenpo Karate as a young boy……

    I’m pretty sure Joe Rogan was holding back from killing the other guy.

  15. BehindTheCurtain0 says:

    Joe Rogan recommended a strength and conditioning site called How2MuscleGuide (.) com Anyone here ever try it? Google it, it’s worth it.

  16. alexandersgruppe says:

    what episodeis this?

  17. m187n says:

    Dudes lucky joe didnt put some Jiujitsu on him. would LOVE to see that though.

  18. woodyfly says:

    Pretty shitty situation for the husband. If he doesn’t stick up for her, he’ll be seen as an asshole on national television. On the other hand, he gets his ass kicked by joe rogan wearing a v-neck.


  19. GrannyWhackers1217 says:

    If joe did a turning side kick in jeans, that would be the most badass thing ever!

  20. nikos dimitriadis says:

    joe had to go for a chamora……

  21. Vmedicinal says:

    It’s funny that his last name is “fairplay.” By the way, is that supposed to be his girlfriend or his mom?

  22. coachfraley8 says:

    That guy had no idea how much trouble he was in. Joe could have kneed him to a pulp.

  23. purplesmileyfacez says:

    what episode is this???

  24. Leo Khan says:

    Talk talk shit that your ass can’t cash

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