Cellucor COR Performance Series BCAA Review

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  1. mattfoley99 says:

    Ha I bet you get that all the time “So about that Xten–”
    “No…I’m not associated..>”
    “But…I read onlin-”

  2. Bobby1G1ATL says:

    lol  i watched this days ago but i just seen you have an aminolast shirt on in this bcaa review.

  3. TheTigerFitness says:

    It isn’t mine

  4. TheTigerFitness says:

    That is like asking if you can eat chicken….YES. Protein powder is simply powdered food

  5. panangattuspr says:

    Hi.I just started going to the gym.can I start taking protein powder along with the training?

  6. Hdrama Kagawa says:

    So I should use it during training?

  7. obezana says:


  8. Ubk2082 says:

    Just wondering out of all the bcaa supplements which is the best

  9. Heave Ho says:

    i love ur apple flavor Xtend

  10. Matthew Tucker says:

    You said Beta-alanine for intra? Should i take bulk beta alanine pre or intra or both? which is better?

  11. Neiman Levenson says:

    hey marc have u ever used shock therapy/ storm stacked prewwork? also do u prefer lifting in the morning or at night

  12. AmazingPapiJulian says:

    Just tried C4 from cellucor and you can tell their a good company 

  13. naterv11 says:

    Haha yea, I know what you mean man :P But no it does not snap its kind of a rubber lid that only closes…..Are there any shaker bottles that you have that you reccomend though?

  14. MrOriginalboarder says:

    in somewhat depth what is the importance, on the BCAA product?

  15. jngibson24 says:

    Hey Marc, how about a deal on one of the newer BCAA intra workout products (e.g. Cellucor COR-Performance, Gaspari Aminolast, or Muscle Pharm Amnio1). I want to try one for a solid month but taking two scoops only gives me half of that. Could you maybe do a deal with Buy 1 Get 1 or Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  16. JOHN FERGUSON says:

    What about all the pre-workouts you take bro? Like jacked3d with that drug that it had in it before it was banned. And all the stimulants… isnt that bad on your blood pressure and heart condition?

  17. spin1200s says:

    Weird… The soulful stylings of that slow jam Christmas greeting instinctively makes my legs spread.

    … then again, you probably planned that, didn’t you, Marc?

  18. 10033488 says:

    I know :( I understand where your coming from.

  19. TheTigerFitness says:

    We would lose money, a lot of money, doing that. I like being in business too much to lose money on orders

  20. jt408x says:

    So Marc which bcaa would you prefer usplab modern bcaa or the cellucor bcaa? just want your opinion on it.

  21. jfernandito8205 says:

    Yeah that shit looks sexy lol

  22. muscleten says:

    how do you compare this product to other bcaa supplements out there?

  23. robertdeuce says:

    oops meant outro

  24. KittyGetAway says:

    This is going to sound stupid (lol) so pardon me if it does, but does your Shaker “Lock” or physically/vocally “SNAP” when you close it? Mine ALWAYS, always – always leaked when I shook it, then one day.. I pressed the top in to “close” the gap insertions as usual and it SNAPPED, like snapped SHUT and then I realized for over half a year of shaking it over the sink it actually had to “snap” shut – with force, and vwola no more leaks!

    But if yours just leaks then I recommend any that dont LOL

  25. robertdeuce says:

    who sings the silent night version in your intro?

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