Worlds Fastest Car – SSC Ultimate Aero TT (High Speed Testing)

This is a video clip from Super Speeders 3 – On the Run. it shows 230+ mph testing of the SSC Ultimate Aero TT which went on to become the Guiness Book of Wolrd Records “fastest production car”. The car in the video is the exact car that eventually broke the record and set the Top Speed benchmark at 257 mph after back to back passes. This video was shot outside of Wendover NV. To get to the point of this video… Go to www.SuperSpeeders.com and buy some dvds. This clip barely accounts for 5% of the action you’ll see, and the more videos you buy the more entertainment we can provide! FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. TheOne41584 says:

    Such an badass car..Love the blow off the turkey caller..

  2. MakeSh00t says:

    v8 best sound ever. w16 crap v12 crap v10 maybe. V8 win !

  3. nfsmohpsp says:

    the veyron SS is the fastest

  4. Joshua Allen says:

    fast but butt ugly

  5. urbiancruden says:

    Nice nice deze auto wil ik wel op me ouwe dag

  6. behold755 says:

    Anyone who puts loud music over the sound of a fast car is a moron.

  7. TheLimonadeboy says:

    Fast car but no one wants to drive something that looks like shit

  8. عبودي كوم says:

    لالالالا اكيد فوتوشوب هــع

  9. Theokondak says:

    You get this car, you get all this crew, you get some permition to use this road etc…and you make such a bad video?What a waste of time and resources…

  10. JellyBird12 says:

    …Actually its not, it got production status a good while ago.

  11. Hakim Rahim says:

    UGLY machine


    So uh……how much?

  13. See Darren says:

    Nice car

  14. gc302047 says:

    what road is that?

  15. gc302047 says:

    Right? lol that bov needs some tweakin man thats not right sounds like a piece of shit! lol nice car none the less..

  16. draca13579 says:

    Veyrons have quad-turbos

  17. LOGANGRIMES2000 says:

    Are you retarded? even if it was a fast car it would be the fastest street legal car.nuff said

  18. jcbspence says:

    bugatti is pathetic they have to use 16 cylinders to with a twin turbo setup to match this v8 twin turbo.

  19. TutorialsForYou19 says:

    275 theoretical no ones has gone that fast in it not even past 250

  20. holden539 says:

    this actually has 20 less HP

  21. shredhappy101 says:

    The SSC on SuperSpeedersCom. weird.

  22. rodimusrich says:

    production car… venom gt is a tuner car

  23. jacoblaw23 says:

    Hennessey venom. is actually the worlds fasest car car at 275mph stock.

  24. SUPERMOPAR91 says:

    That BOV is unacceptable.

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