QNT International HYDRAVOL Pre-Workout Supplement Review – 9/10

If you enjoyed this review please click ‘Like’/'Fav’. Helps out a lot. QNT International HYDRAVOL Fruit Punch Review (bit.ly 9/10 With so many preworkouts out there I was skeptical to try it out. To my surprise this was an amazing product that provided great energy, strength increase and a great pump. I highly recommend it! Try out Hydravol at a great price using this link – bit.ly Furious Pete Clothing here – www.furiouspete.com Facebook – www.facebook.com Twitter – www.twitter.com VLOGS – www.youtube.com Supplement Reviews – www.youtube.com My place for all my Fitness and Supplement Needs – bit.ly
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. Steyr001 says:

    Great review as always, and although i live in Europe,i’ve never tried it, i usually stick to american products. But after this, i am sure i’ll buy it. And another thing. Please review the NEW HEMORAGE BLACK ULTRA CONCENTRATE by Nutrex. PLeaaaase.

  2. xDrikenx says:

    nice house

  3. TnT326SH says:

    haha “lets give this a taste” *chugs whole thing*

  4. Mike Bentley says:

    Hi, I’ve recently subscribed, fantastic videos! Would you please do a review on Gaspari’s Myofusion Protein.

  5. Jake Sahadi says:

    “let’s give this a try to see how it tastes..” (chugs the whole thing) lmao

  6. bronnze3 says:

    How long would the tub last approx if you’re just using 1-2scoops a day 5days a week? Seems a little small so I wanted to know.

  7. BlackLabel990 says:

    Can you review SNS Agmatine?
    I’m interested in it and you’re one of the few supplement reviewers I actually trust.

  8. MrBradleyAdams says:

    This made me very ill and i had to stop halfway through my workout. Any idea why?


    Thanks for the review Pete! I’ll look forward to trying it. My fav right now is Blackpowder… ps I pm’d you to eat 75 cans of tuna :D I’d Love to see that hahaha

  10. QNTUSA says:

    hydravol is the one !

  11. GhostShade38 says:

    Let’s give this a try, see how it is.
    *Drink the entire drink* :D

  12. CaptinCaruso says:

    I like this format :)

  13. kevzorzz says:

    as a suggestion include prices on the review so we know roughly how much it cost

  14. therealkingool says:

    Hey Pete try Cellucor C4 Extreme ;) I bet it will get a 10 out of 10

  15. Despa1rRemains says:

    Which product would you recommend to build up some muscles?
    I am looking for some protein which also gets me sated…
    I really don’t know what to order, also because my English is not the best :D

    And yeah – I like your reviews, looking forward to the next one.

  16. Dennis Fredsson says:


  17. TheJigoChigo says:

    i don’t know why, but you look a bit like seth rogen….

  18. SuppsReviews says:

    I just got the new flavour in so I will soon!

  19. SuppsReviews says:

    Yeah huge in Europe. Chris Cormier is the face of the company. Worth looking into for sure! :)

  20. MrColdyLocks says:

    I dont really dig its prop belnd and the price tag, I also never heard of that brand. but if you say its fantastic I may have to give it a shot at some point. Good review Pete, cant wait to see what you reiew next.

  21. rs666sathan666pk says:

    that’s just ‘great’!

  22. MrOceanTree says:

    Good review

  23. Dennis Fredsson says:

    Hey, could you review the Scivation Xtend?

  24. SuppsReviews says:

    I said absolutely fantastic wayyyyy to much in this review haha

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