ATP-PC system-BTEC level 3

This is a first attempt at teaching the ATP – PC system in slightly more creative way. It definitely needs some tweaking but students did say they remembered being taught the energy systems more when done in this way than when taught with a teacher stood at the front of the room dictating or via personal research due to its complex nature. The idea behind it being that students stand within the cones or muscle as we called it. They take on different roles whether is creatine, phosphate molecules or adenosine. Students linked together as a CP molecule which breaks down to help form ATP, then water helps in the breakdown of the ATP molecule to create energy which then aids in the resynthesis of both CP and in turn ATP. We also did this with anaerobic glycolysis where students took on the role of glucose and glycogen therefore aiding in the production of more ATP. As mentioned it needs some tweaking but may be worth a shot?!
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