Muscle Tech Mass Tech Advanced Mass Gainer Review | Design For Hardgainers?

Visit rawmusclegain.com If you find it extremely hard to gain weight, this might be the breakthrough for you. Muscle Tech has come out with a brand new formula that promises extreme gains. This new Mass-Tech advanced mass gainer has some interesting qualities, let’s look at the label. So here we see that this advanced muscle mass gainer was design in mind of the hardgainer, it claims to build muscle and strength, has a multi phase protein system, and is formulated with rich omega fats. There are not a lot of reviews for this supplement yet, but let’s look at what real consumers have been saying so far, time for some social proof. Reported pros 1) Does help to increase mass 2) Strength is increased 3) Recovery time is reduced 4) Works fast Reported cons 1) Some find it a bit much to stomach 2) A bit pricey Well so far it’s looking pretty decent, let’s look at the ratings. So here we see that bodybuilding.com only has 46 ratings scoring an average of 8.7. Supplementreviews.com doesn’t have any reviews for this new blend yet so this is all we have to go by. Our total is just 46 ratings at 8.70. Let’s look at the key active ingredients to understand this new formula. Creatine Monohydrate (10 grams) – That is a lot of creatine in one serving! – This helps with strength, endurance and power due to its ability to recharge atp levels – Recovery is also enhanced by creatine. L-leucine (5 grams) – This seems to be the superstar of BCAAs. – It has the amazing ability to burn fat for
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  1. RawMuscleGain says:

    Hey StrikeBlack!

    When it comes to gainers, it’s going to be very tough for anyone to beat ON Pro Complex Gainer. We just did a review on MHP Up Your Mass today, and it has some very interesting aspects, but I’d say Pro Complex Gainer is still´╗┐ looking as though it’s the best gainer out there. Hope that helps!

  2. HereIs Azreel says:

    Hey, which do you think is better for muscle mass, this or the ON Pro Complex Gainer?´╗┐ I’m primarily taking either of these products on my non-workout days for breakfast as I already have another post workout supplement.

    Thanks :)

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