Creatine… Not even once.

I was watching cops and saw some guy hopped up on creatine get taken down, so I uploaded it to Youtube to spread awareness. I lost my brother to a creatine o…
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  1. khanvictt says:

    silverback successfully escapes cage,… not even once

  2. maurobdn says:

    BBC strikes again!

  3. jaycore says:

    Thats the joke.

  4. peace10000able says:

    he was on pcp

  5. screeem says:

    whoa……that could have been me…..:(…..

  6. lindholmaren says:

    >not staying natty

  7. Urmean15 says:

    do u even lift

  8. lastsaneman19 says:

    Not even once.

  9. mab1armorflame says:


  10. kickmeout1 says:

    muscle mass, shredded striations, 8 pack abs, superhuman strength – but at what cost?

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