P90X & Whey Protein Gains?

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  1. Dany Dansen says:

    Can you guess why your ugly comments are actually telling us not only your Name, your picture and how you feel about you self, and your attitude
    , and relations with other people. People don´t care about your self proclaimed wisdom of everything, that is due to your anger to the world and your way of cooping with it. I hate people like you, there with your personality disorders fuck other people over. STFU and end your shit life, you dont like or deserve it. Ty that would be wisdom

  2. Dany Dansen says:

    Seriously what the hell are you saying ?. Just because you are some indian kid trying to use Projection, against a man that have worked his ass of, and now trying to help others to get there, and listen to him cause he have the spark people wanna listen too. You clearly want a body like his, but fail do to your lack of self-esteem,and weakness. You are a loser, that try to seem superior by sound intelligent, but is paranoid asocial motherfucker with no life, and you hate you self , we see it.

  3. Qerlb says:

    shave that peach fuzz on your chest

  4. Azazel Raiden says:

    he doesn’t strike me as an intellegient person
    just a pathetic mut that needs to be destroyed
    the only reason people listen to him is because he’s more white than he is black.
    all of you guys who support him, you are enslaved by his own philosophies of life. that is why you respond to my comments because i threaten your faith in him.

  5. Ben Stephens says:

    you should appreciate intelligent thought toward anything you do in life

  6. Ben Stephens says:

    dude you’re wise, you don’t look your age… gettin back into gym after many many years and you’re first training related subscription.. woot

  7. Azazel Raiden says:

    this guy’s fucking ugly
    so he loves his voice

  8. SuperKurnaz says:

    its a damn friendly advice..what do you expect?

  9. 0882mav says:

    So just watched your video and wanted to get your opinion on supplements . Creatine,protein,vitamin etc.

  10. Penka Atanasova says:

    My family laughed when I told them I was going to get ripped with “Six Pack Strike”, but then they saw the results. Do a search on Google for Six Pack Strike to see their reaction.

  11. Darko Tasevski says:

    Crazy clip. Excellent film.

    My cousin was once a fat. He revolutionized his body from 290 lbs of pure fat into 218 lbs of absolute muscle mass. I couldn’t believe it! I just signed up personally as I wanna beef up. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  12. Dragan Pogrmic says:

    Glad I came across this vid. Really enjoy You tube due to this type of content…

    My good friend had been bullied. He said he was gonna get bigger. I laughed at him because I didn’t believe him…. Right up until suddenly he gained 40lbs of pure muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. No person dares to bully him these days. :)

    I actually registered a few days ago. And this guys emails are fucking interesting…

  13. jamesaplus says:

    I appreciate this clip. Youtube is wonderful for this form of content.My homeboy had been bullied. He said he was intending to get bigger. I did not believe him. Til within a few weeks he added 40lbs of complete muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible – look for it in Google. He does not get bullied these days. I personally registered earlier this week. See what goes on. Not to mention this mans emails are excellent…

  14. Xavier López de Arriaga Candiani says:

    Now I know why people tell me I’m arrogant. I just understand it. Yo Elliot. thanks dude.

  15. Xavier López de Arriaga Candiani says:

    I`m on P90X and it is miraculous.

  16. enchilada702lv says:

    This is the deepest shiet I have ever heard in my entire life ……….so true …
    Elliot you are awesome ..

  17. petr novak says:

    My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with “Elite Muscle Formula”, but then they saw the results. Go Google Elite Muscle Formula to see their reaction.

  18. imad19971 says:

    Yo Elliot Does having pain 1day after workout is a signe for muscles growing??

  19. Andrew Taylor says:

    Thank god a cool person who actually likes p90X and insanity not like the freaking Hodgetwins.

  20. dcdweerawardhana says:

    Have you tried “Blistering Fat Loss”? (do a google search for it) It is a quick and easy way to burn calories fast.

  21. Dušan Cvejić says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when normal people accomplish it easily with Shape X Booster (Google it).

  22. Amara Badde Vithana says:

    If you are looking to shed pounds, you should look up on google Fat Blast Furnace. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  23. kidbrown2010 says:

    This guy acts like Grett Pitt lol.

  24. shazu ss says:

    If you want to bulk up, you should look up on Google “Smashing Ripped X”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  25. John Craft says:

    I’m also doing p90x and 99KettlebellWorkouts! Whey and recovery are two most important things.

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