Loosing Jenny [Judgement Day]

The team but especially Gibbs is lossing Jenny, the director… Love comments so please comment =)


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  1. Katharina Kropf says:

     ach sei nicht traurig ♥ :)

  2. Millyliify says:

    So tired :( I loved Jenny so much :(

  3. triplexxxsatyr says:

    Cannot thumbs up your comment enough. It’s the correct answer as to why she needed to leave the show.

  4. triplexxxsatyr says:

    Ducky had Abby run two standard blood tests and a test for Creatine Kinase – a malicious protein found in muscle tissue like skeletal muscles (biceps, quadriceps, etc) and smooth muscles like stomach, intestine, and heart muscles. Abby came back with elevated levels (meaning dangerously life-threatening) of Creatine Kinase in the CK test. Agree that the script never actually revealed exactly what she was dying from but the elevated CK clue was enough to warrant a fatal flaw in her character.

  5. triplexxxsatyr says:

    Jen did NOT want them involved in a personal affair she should’ve taken cared of when she was in Paris with Gibbs. She left loose ends in that mission and it’s her fault.

  6. semfiangel9739 says:

    Jenny was dying of something that we are not really sure of, even before she was murdered.

  7. semfiangel9739 says:

    She was, without a doubt, the best director out of the three. My favourite director as well. Poor thing, she did not deserve to die, but the thing is she would have died anyways, because like Ducky said, she was dying. I really wanted something to happen between Jenny and Gibbs, but not a lot did. We will miss you, Jenny!

  8. Joe H says:

    Beautiful job. you did jenny proud

  9. InuKagPockyHo says:

    OMG Seriously…Lauren Holly left the show to spend time with her family. Get real. As much as I love NCIS is it just a TV show, the actors do have real lives.

  10. IverZZZen says:

    Ahh thank you <3

  11. YvonneAline1 says:

    Beautiful Made, It really touches, it goes straith true my heart

  12. puppyloverz11 says:

    the writers didnt tell lauren holly to leave she left on her own she the one whos mean as much as i hate to admite it its true

  13. Caitlin232323 says:

    This made me cry =P I think they should bring her back….even for like a flashback episode or something where we see more of Jenny and Gibbs. The writers are mean.

  14. trez134 says:

    This video is awesome – it made me cry. Thanks for posting it.

    I still can’t believe she died. :(

  15. Dancepartys101 says:

    I hate it whenever they show vance in the opening credits I’m like that’s Jenny’s spot!

  16. doubleredsx3 says:

    the scene where gibbs looks up (in heaven… sky) at the end made me cry… he clearly misses her even though she doesn’t cry and stuff.

  17. therealsugarbaby13 says:

    I still can’t believe that Jenny died.Why couldn’t Ziva and Tony be stubborn and force her to have them by her at all times. It’s so frickin’ sad.I actually cried when I saw it in the eps.

  18. JennyShepard16 says:


  19. xNeonFishnetsx says:

    Jenny was really sick. We don’t know with what, but Ducky was the only other person that knew. So he assumed that it was whatever disease Jenny had, and was surprised that her death happened so quickly.

    Does that make sense or am I just confusing you further? :P

  20. Megajanewaylover says:

    im still in shock…i watched it yesterday and i still cant believe shes gone
    life is so unfair

  21. James Brook says:

    Poor Jethro
    wat did ducky mean by so fast??

  22. Jennyfer49380 says:

    merci pour tes com”s !!

  23. Anna B says:

    She was my favourite character. She didn’t deserve to die!

  24. loveth31 says:

    it makes me cry she was my favourite charracter!

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