Vitamins & Supplements Stack – L-Carnitine, Creatine, Wild Salmon and…

Sharing my current Vitamin/Supplement stack and some products which I was previously taking and why I stopped. I’m a big fan of Creatine Monohydrate, Wild Sa…


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  1. Adam Evans says:

    Sometimes I’ll have “MuscleTech: Phase8″… I’ve tried many, but this one is just awesome for so many reasons… check it out on BodyBuilding(.com)

  2. chaz rick says:

    You taking protein? if so, which 1?

  3. hao hao says:

    are you taking any sort of preworkouts or anything like that?

  4. Fury Nick says:

    ya cla doesnt really do much 

  5. Zahinn says:

    Thanks for the response dude

  6. Adam Evans says:

    Hey Zahinn, there’s actually a good discussion on the use of Centrum on the BodyBuilding site forums. From what I gather people have concerns of it being fully absorbed, and that it has some ingredients that aren’t necessarily needed for men. Many question the “quality” of the product in comparison to an ADAM multi. To be honest, the ADAM brand multi’s are so cheap and give you so much of what’s needed it’s hard to use something else.

    I’d say compare the labels and see which makes more sense :)

  7. Zahinn says:

    Ignore my last comment….what I wanyed say is that I am taking one centrum pill a day after lunch. Is there much differnce between that and that Adams pill? I also take a 600mg calcium and 500 IU vitwmin d3 pill OsCal brand. I am 19.

  8. Zahinn says:

    Hey dude….I am taking 1 vent2rum pill

  9. Santa Barbara Arts TV YouTube Partner Global News says:


  10. Michael Curtiz says:

    Yohimbine does have some pretty good reviews, might give it a shot

  11. Orson Welles says:

    Pretty solid stack, thanks for sharing… I might try Carnitine

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