Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder Review | Detailed Beverly International Density Reviews

http://www.tigerfitness.com/Muscle-Synergy-Powder-p/bev-116.htm – Muscle Synergy Review by Beverly International. Detailed in-depth reviews by industry exper…
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  1. greg haddock says:

    @barthelfitness yeah you are right bro…we all gotta eat…sometimes i
    forget everyones channel isnt as personal as yours is….

  2. barthelfitness says:

    @olinblockedme I can see what your saying and coming from, I think marc is
    more open with his reviews, in fact at times he will disagree with some
    aspects of products! Also have to remember its a site thats job is to sell
    what the consumer wants, not what the consumer needs if you understand me!
    I appreciate the feedback man! Supplementation has its part, i truly
    believe and support that…but yes allot of people take it overboard, just
    like the guy who buys the sports car, and could drive a gee

  3. barthelfitness says:

    @olinblockedme did you watch the review? he just told people that arent new
    to training TO NOT buy this product.

  4. fatguysports says:

    They have thousands of products and it looks like they’ve reviewed only a
    fraction of that. In the mean time, I’m going to request they do a product
    review to help you with that “roid-rage”…..chill out Mad Max.

  5. greg haddock says:

    @barthelfitness 99% of people buying all these crazy supplements are
    beginners…people have been around while can call bullshit on it
    quickly…so singling out the newbies still makes sense from a buisness
    point of view..im nothing like a hater.im behind you 100%.everything works
    on newbies..they ganna build muscle fast regardless..success comes with
    sincerity..you know this guy better than me..i dont know his motives.but i
    do respect you and see you actually do want to help..

  6. mike howard says:

    Hey mark I use all Beverly prodcuts? I was wondering can I use muscle
    Synergy with creatine select also along with, glutamine select?

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