Healthy Bodybuilding Snack: High-Protein Chocolate Covered Almonds

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  1. Xavier Fritz says:

    @JF5905 1: Go to store 2: Buy chocolate flavored protein bar 3: ?????? 4:

  2. SE4NAGE says:


  3. Jan Nietsch says:

    Mike no offense, but i don’t think ur gonna be a TV-host… But u’d
    definitly make a good radio-guy :D

  4. themrparkerman says:

    i litterally made this same recipe a month ago and was so proud of myself
    for thinking of something so clever hahahaha

  5. claudia1515 says:

    another great video!! love all your videos are awesome cook..

  6. olivuh says:

    These are the most helpful recipes ever

  7. musclectavio17 says:

    i could tell this dude is ripped out of his mind!

  8. jason512atx says:

    Where do you buy all these powder supplements from? Like the hersheys one
    and stuff. HEB or what?

  9. Margarita garcia says:

    do these melt after a while of taking it out the freedge? i would like to
    have this as a snack at the movies, but will they melt ?

  10. biga071488 says:

    i was sent by the legend of thunder and will be subscribing.

  11. ALBERTxWESKER1 says:

    legend of thunder!!!!

  12. MrYeahbuddyyy says:

    Hey Michael! Just wanted to comment on the great recipe and the face time
    you put in this video! Much more personable. I think it really adds to the
    video when you do an intro like that. Anyway man, thanks again for posting
    these videos! Here’s to healthy eating.

  13. ChizChuzHD says:

    Thunder sent us!!!!!!!!

  14. KBoppette says:

    You’re very good looking! Thank you so much for these recipes. It makes
    things soooo much easier for many of us out there! The pounds just keep
    falling off!

  15. jsnshm3 says:

    Legend of Thunder!

  16. Henry Born says:

    Thunder Brought me here :D

  17. Steven Powell says:

    could i use this chocolate paste for a pritein bar topping would it set in
    the fridge

  18. rad1ne says:

    I just made a chocolate bar out of this and it was amazing so big THANK YOU.

  19. Deon Ghatani says:

    uncle thunder sent me

  20. hailtwinmusclewrkout says:

    they sooo look like dates

  21. ballietbran says:


  22. Edward Swan says:

    make a snickers bar. should be easy, but i cant figure it ot by myself :D

  23. leftis95 says:

    What is the best way to bulk, and stay lean at the same time? You are
    always lean and -10% bf but, are you bulking too?

  24. JF5905 says:

    u should make a chocolate bar.

  25. ARMENIAKB24 says:


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