Pro Hormone M-sten week 1-2 review!

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  1. Navap190 says:

    Bro posing update man

  2. Strong Supplements says:

    Sick progress man! Get Msten here:

  3. Ivan Leshchuk says:

    You will know that shit is hurting your liver when you start getting stupid
    tired. The water can help with the lethargy cause it cleans ot up alittle. 

  4. Jack Bridges says:

    Fuck that camera really doesn’t do you justice! First time I’ve seen
    pictures of you and realised how big you actually are. You’re looking swole
    as hell. Keep up the hard work man

  5. carlos gorjon says:

    whats your height/weight? and how much did you weigh before starting this

  6. Josh Jones says:

    Can you do a video review on epi 2a3a and show pics of how much you gain of
    it the you bro.

    You are the man and like how you tell people about them and everything and
    show how big they make you.

  7. Ryan Fox says:

    i hope you know and ppl are gonna hate on me but just because your taking a
    prohormone doesnt mean you have to take pct just saying… 

  8. nick farias says:

    @supplements4thewin be careful bro i ran warrior labz deca-sten(deca and
    methylstenbolone) and got tons of backne, and literally had 2-3 nosebleeds
    a day towards week 3ish. Amazing product though gained 19lbs in a 4 week
    cycle dosed at 30mg deca and 6mg methylsten 3 a day.

  9. Ivan Leshchuk says:

    And the more you eat the more you gain. Eat like 5000 calories! And you
    will put on 20 pounds. My friend put on 30 pounds on this but thats cause
    he ate everything in the world. And trained like a monster! Goodluck brah 

  10. Josh Jones says:

    Keep posting more man. How old are you?

    You people that say oh your liver shut the fuck up it is are life and we
    will be bigger then you so get at all of us taking pH’s Butch’s.

  11. Ryan Fox says:

    and for your next cycle you gonna runn 2 cutting ph’s?

  12. Ivan Leshchuk says:

    Lol dude more is not better. Msten takes almost two weeks to kick in. My
    bench shot 40 pounds at the end of second week. Your dose is to high. You
    can just fuck your liver up. Just advice! Take care 

  13. Ivanzman says:

    Nice review brotha I’ve been waiting for someone to do a review on this
    product for a while now.Have you experience any sleeping problems with this
    product and are you taking a pre-workout with m-sten? Would appreciate
    respond best of luck to you bro!!!! 

  14. Legoklosse23 says:

    What are you benching atm bro?

  15. Mr pushit says:


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