A Low Glycemic Diet & The Glycemic Index

What constitutes a low-glycemic diet, and what is the significance of the Glycemic Index? A brief overview of the science and why it works so effectively for…
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  1. rahhcousweet91 says:


  2. Virgil Robinson says:

    This video explained a lot of things- you definetaly provide some genuine
    weightloss advice. If people only knew how the GI of their foods affected
    their ability to lose fat, they would have so much more success.

  3. menderfire9 says:

    Very good vid. Thanks. Just one thing I would correct u on is the thought
    that “the lower the Glycemic score the more positive impact it has on your
    body.” Not necessarily. It should b read: the lower the score the less
    negative impact it may have on your body. This is a very important detail
    for a lot of people who have less common sense than u do. I have clients
    who eat huge amounts of the lowest Glycemic foods & totally skip a lot of
    other stuff that is necessary for their overall health.

  4. rpavich says:

    Useless because all carbs ultimately turn into glucose? You haven’t been
    paying attention if that’s your comment. Also….how many years have you
    been on a low carb or low GI diet? I’m betting you haven’t….so…reading
    a book is great until you come face to face with the results.

  5. Frank Patino says:

    Thank you very much for the honorable mention.

  6. ernietube1 says:

    Please refer to my video- GLYCEMIC INDEX- why it does not worK ? Just enter
    this in SEARCH box.

  7. Frank Patino says:

    Outstanding information, great job!

  8. falluso says:

    Go to the bookstore and ask for “The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies”. It
    helped my meal planning quite a bit. I was able to better plan out me
    family meals, my snacks and my pre and post-workout nutrition. Another two
    resources are the Living Lean Diet from Mike Dolce; walks a fine line with
    the GI, but the recipes can easily be adaptable. And finally the latest one
    that I have been seeing positive results from is the “Patino Diet”. The
    author is an athlete and an MD. Good luck!

  9. TheRosa63 says:

    lower gi are generally healthier because they are more nutrient dense.
    fiber, fats, etc lower gi by slowing digestion and absorption. even full
    fat dairy is low gi but it nutritious, minerals, saturate fats needed for
    absorption of vita d and other fat soluable vitamins,protein etc if found
    there. substances also that promote good heatlh are there too that have not
    been studied as much like cla. natural sat fats are not bad. that is a
    myth. RR

  10. TheHealthyDietParadise.com says:

    Extremely concise and clear understanding of what the glycemic index
    actually is. I really admire the way you describe it so clearly. You
    elucidate the issues that some of these doctors seriously confuse. Thank
    you for the video

  11. Parameswara TokWanAku says:

    Hey, have you heard of the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (go search google). My
    buddy told me it helps people live longer.

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