1000mcg Biotin a must try for hair growth.. It really works

This is my 1 month review of the vitamin supplement Biotin by Finest Nutrition. I purchased this at my local walgreens Follow me on Instagram for more pictur…
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  1. Rider Payton says:

    I’m a 15 year old boy who’s trying to grow me a little afro do u think
    biotin would help me 

  2. Brooklyn Grant says:

    How many do you take a day?

  4. Shawnkeydra Durham says:

    How often do u take the pill.. do u take them everday

  5. Erica Dean says:

    How many did you take a day? Thanks

  6. robin douglas says:

    Are those the super potency in 1000 mcg?

  7. Rachel Hatch says:

    If you don’t wanna have breakout and you don’t feel like drinking lots of
    water you should take a multi vitamin cause you will not have that problem 

  8. Timothy says:

    I have tried many hair care products online and offline. Finally, found my
    winning product. It is named arganl ife. professional hair care product !
    It repairs, softens and strengthens dry, brittle and hard to manage hair. 

  9. jamanib says:

    I been using a great product that designed for growing hair. Its actually
    pretty good. I love it plus it works good. If you insterested I got it on
    ebay at:

  10. okaythisisnasty says:

    I am not worthy of love if I am not good-looking.

  11. okaythisisnasty says:

    Hi, did you take it to prevent hair loss? I think I may be suffering from
    male pattern baldness. I have been taking Biotin for about a month but
    still continue to lose about 60 strands/day. I don’t know if that is
    supposed to happen during initial intake of Biotin or my hair loss just did
    not improve??

  12. niyahrocs96 says:

    you had my boo sebastian mikael playin in the back!!!

  13. celeste selene says:

    i uses it now 3 months and is great!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it

  14. Kayla Boogie says:

    I just bought these from Walgreens yesterday, and I am on day two of my
    healthier hair journey. I am nervous about them, but it also states that
    Biotin can help you lose weight. So let me know how well this works for
    you, and I will keep you posted, as well.

  15. zee blast says:

    Dosage of mcg?

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