Female Fitness Motivation – Success is a Journey

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  1. Neringa S says:

    Can somebody tell me the title of this track????

  2. The Vizuka says:

    This is not serious right? Please tell me this is not for real xD And im
    110% sure this was either made by a dude or a lesbian xD How is this
    inspirational? All i see is ass ‘n titties, ass ‘n titties, ass ‘n titties

  3. C Penny says:

    Why do women choose to wear sports bras and crotch shorts to a gym?? It’s
    not like it’s hot inside an air-conditioned room. You don’t have to look
    like a 2 cent hooker to be fit and motivate people, the only people you’ll
    motivate that way are the meat heads trying to get in your pants. I can
    respect their drive, but I don’t respect how some of these ladies objectify
    themselves….and most likely complain about being leered at

  4. Dave Reid - Daly says:

    Brilliant motivational video !!!!!!!!

  5. Vladimír Trunec says:
  6. Michal Bílek says:
  7. Alegiance says:

    This… motivates people. This shit has 5M views. What the fuck.

  8. MissD Viking says:

    So true: succes is a journey.

  9. Melinda Lyons says:
  10. TheQuestForFitness says:

    success really is a journey. Been hitting the gym for 7 years and it really
    is amazing how your body can progress with time. Now im finally starting to
    get exposure and photoshoots and maybe in 1 year i will be where i want to
    be now, but even then I will have a different set of objectives.. because
    in fitness there is no final destination or total satisfaction, but
    progressing through this journey is where the real satisfaction comes from

  11. matschgi000 says:

    0:49 that was the point when i had to thumb up this video :D 

  12. amber gosden says:

    Can anyone tell me if any of these girls bulk or is it lean muscle? 

  13. Nightowl358 says:

    Nice job drowning out the narration with the overpowering music. Good
    job. Anyway, the average chick will watch this. . . .and then continue to
    do nothing but cardio every f***ing day and continue to wonder why they
    don’t look like the women in the video.

  14. Rachel Cox says:

    Wow I respect these women , but I think some of them have lost their female
    features almost completely ;) You have to know when to stop..but I know ,
    as soon as you see results it becomes an addiction :) 

  15. Csománé Ágnes says:
  16. Paulina Knaga says:

    My favourite motivation. Always works! :) 

  17. Lauren Jenkins says:

    Make another female one!!!

  18. BVD.bg - хранителни добавки says:

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    Female Fitness Motivation – Success is a Journey

  19. OM3GAven0m says:

    It’s cause it’s shaQ u mirin brah?

  20. jennyfer copara says:

    Genial ya m falta poco pa star asi :-) 

  21. Daniel Kings says:

    Whose the girl at 00:59 

  22. Soaptress says:

    This makes me feel discouraged :( I’m just looking like how? when? what
    to do?!! lol

  23. Su-Mari Diedericks says:

    how is making me feel bad about my own body motivational?

  24. LT Murda says:

    was that white stuff in the vid then…..? nvm

  25. Adam Ali says:

    great video! when you have a chance check our channel for fitness and

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