Real Talk About Natural Bodybuilding These Days

www.IllPumpYouUp.com Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’llPumpYouUp.com, reveals his honest thoughts about the current state of natural bodybu…
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  1. escapethisall says:

    being shredded is genetic too, there are dudes who are naturally lean just
    like theyre dudes who are naturally jacked

  2. S Carrrera says:

    Hmm interesting thought, but why is it at the top of natural bbing with
    Doug Miller…. and Pnba’s Mr. Olympia kyossi Moody that is conditioned and
    also HUGE! And I have head of the doc. Acknowledgment testing. 

  3. FLAPHEAD100 says:

    yeah that is a bullshit rule about the steroids and how they are cochure to
    use if you have a prescription takes the NAT right out of the term natural
    bodybuilding no? an oxymoron created by moron’s

  4. Adam Ali says:

    I love your voice 

  5. nicky santoro says:

    this guys just saying this because he has a high body fat percentage. All
    fatter guys have a problem with being “big” and hate on the ripped shredded
    look because they know it’s something that they will never be able to live
    up too. because they like the fatty wet muscle tissue that they have.

  6. Alex D says:

    poof had to pause and skip chanel straight away…….. wat a fkn
    stoopid head on it

  7. NIA Mac says:

    So what if they are judging for aesthetics and not size? The old days of
    BB was just like that. Many consider Arnold the best ever but not because
    of size, it was because of the look, the aesthetics. BB now days is size
    matters most over anything else and that is wrong and it looks aweful.
    Better looking and fine pieces of art were the bodies of old where
    aesthetics trumped size.

  8. bray brown says:

    I think your just mad because you have a stocky body type. So you just just
    stick to the steroid bodybuilding contest. not the natural. That’s just my
    Opinion. Not hating just saying bra.

  9. B Hays says:

    Dude, when you breath in, its LOUD!

  10. Witcherworks says:

    If your dieting to get shredded your eating wrong in the first place.
    That’s why you diet right lol.

  11. Christopher McCandless says:

    Explosive p letters dude you’re defenetly under some testoblow crap 

  12. Mathos1 says:

    you can buy it at the damn sto! Lol

  13. Naked4Jesus says:

    Google pictures of Tim Muriello and what you’ll see is a soft looking guy
    with saggy tits and a saggy ass. The whiny little fat boy looks like he
    was about to cry.

  14. gaines2387 says:

    conditioning is most important if you cant get shredded dont do a show. 

  15. stig181 says:

    seems to me that you are angry, because you dont have the right body type
    for this. suck it up man

  16. Pretty Pumpd says:

    hold up im LEGIT confused, do you even understand bodybuilding?! 

  17. LulzRoyce says:

    20 contests and he comes out looking softer than a whiskey dick.

  18. Charlie Harris says:

    does this guy even lift? small guy for 20 contest ?

  19. Nick LaFave says:

    When u work for the approval of other people you will always feel

  20. Superma, Sayian says:

    You can eat a shit load of stuff then workout and not gain fat but gain

  21. Saël Massicotte says:

    Even if the guy has many practical experiences, it does not even seem to
    know great things about human physiology. In addition, the fact that this
    guy prefers competitions where judges prefer the mass and not the fact that
    the competitor is shredded shows us what he says is in fact a matter of
    taste or opinion. This guy has been reward by nature (of course dedication
    and hard work both plays a big role) with its imposing natural physical
    kind and that’s why he prefer that the judges evaluate competitors
    according to his strength obviously because he will dominate the

  22. Ronald Wade says:

    So glad I’ve found your channel.

  23. Nate Spear says:

    contradicting, at like 7:45ish your talking about shows not even testing
    people then you go right into talking about how there to strict and you
    gotta be lifetime natural!?!? I do agree with the beginning stuff, but I
    guess depends on which organization you choose to compete in… cause MM
    all natural right?

  24. Michael Kanis says:

    Keeping the most possible LBM while getting shredded is the whole point of
    bodybuilding. If you sacrifice too much muscle while getting shredded, you
    did not execute the skill of bodybuilding properly, and should not win!

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