Muscle Building Tip: How to Boost Testosterone Levels NATURALLY!! @hodgetwins

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  1. trippplefive says:

    would bad carbs be like cookies, cupcakes , donuts…. basically junk

  2. Rohit Kumar says:

    “pop in a fuck tape and stroke dat tip mayne”
    why did i find that funny?

  3. anthony saucedo says:

    stupid advice.

  4. WorldWideStars says:

    can 17 year old use test boosters?

  5. Francis Singh says:

    Now we ain’t saying go out there and suck a lot of dick lmao had me dyin 

  6. Forbidden Name says:

    what is your testosterone level? start posting, lets see

  7. Ryan van buiten says:

    omg this is the coolest thing I have seen in weeks subbed and liked this 

  8. Sam James says:

    too dam funny

  9. fahd s says:

    What meaning mushroom pit please?

  10. Marcos V. Silveira says:

    P4:20… Shook his head in disappointment lol

  11. Gabriel Ramirez says:

    “Pop in a fuck tape, man!”

  12. Sam James says:

    im dieing rn

  13. Randy Gonzalez says:

    Thx guys.

  14. 1D1daiski says:

    “shut up bitich!” lol 

  15. OneB TwoC says:

    Damn, these niggas use to be on that bro science hard.

  16. DR34MER777 says:

    xhamster, hodges twins approved

  17. VigilanteJustice17 says:

    This vid killed me with laughter

  18. Luvuyo Ngubane says:

    haha you guys are so stupid. thanks for the insight though haha

  19. DoctorDonna says:

    xhamster brought me here and I think I’m gonna stay longer, I can’t stop
    laughing, what am I even doing here, it’s clearly a video for guys only :D 

  20. handballvid says:

    wait,, is this elliot hulse?? I’m confused now

  21. Habib Rahman says:

    Thank you, ima go buy some nuts and olive oil, but what are good carbs?

  22. Pedro Velez Lopez Jr says:

    Peanuts aren’t nuts.

  23. uni vlad says:

    guys, what about sugary stuff shortly after a workout? I’ve heard it helps
    to spare and restore glycogen supply in muscles and what not. I usually
    drink a milk shake with protein and honey after a workout – would that make
    a beneficial insulin spike?

  24. markohoppis says:

    Sniffing dirty panties also raises testosterone.

  25. Mark Richardson says:

    What about Test Boosters for men in the late 30′s or 40′s? Does it have any
    affect on them? I have a very much reduced sex drive at 40 now. How to get
    it back?

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