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  1. Chelsea Gardner says:

    Everybody can develop more than 10 pounds muscles in 2 months and get

  2. ProjectAD says:

    Project AD – Commenced
    Thank you to all of your support and feedback over the past months. AD
    would not be what it is without all of the loyal support of all of you.
    We’ve taken on board every last bit of advice and requests you’ve given us
    for Project AD and the brand over the BETA trial period and we are very
    close now to going live.

    *** SHARE, TAG, LIKE and TWEET this video – send us a screen shot of just
    how many people can you can excite and we’ll reward you with HERD POINTS to
    be converted to pounds off your order at http://www.ProjectAD.me ***´╗┐

  3. Richard M. Williams says:

    Supplements are one method to adding a hormone into your body. So thanks
    for this useful information!!!!!

  4. Neal Schaaphok says:

    If you are serious about muscle growth and developing a better physique
    most experts agree that bodybuilding supplements can help you attain your
    goals more quickly.

  5. ArabicaTV1 says:


  6. kaz3ization says:


  7. Kieth K. Malone says:

    I always shake with dumbbell shoulder presses and will probably with this
    machine to. It’s weird because in the bench I have excellent balance and
    it’s much heavier.

  8. Jared C. Jones says:

    When you are doing Exercise you should take supplements proper to maintain
    your body.

  9. konnektshun says:

    cool video

  10. John K. Murray says:

    The key to building muscle fast is a structured diet, exercise and getting
    proper rest. Your body needs an increase in calories, proper muscle
    stimulus and recovery time for optimal growth.

  11. Roosevelt J. Sidney says:

    I am glad to find you guys and wanna to say thanks for sharing this useful
    information and also thanks for all the lovely comments……:)

  12. ProjectAD says:

    Yes, there will always be whole food advocates. What we’re doing is
    enhancing the human gut and ability to absorb and utilise real whole foods.
    Your body needs to run efficiently in this chemically polluted society of
    modern times.

  13. Ravi Sharma says:


  14. Don Bee says:


  15. Andrew Ratay says:


  16. ProjectAD says:

    Phillip, thank you for your comments. We don’t like to brag about our own
    products, we’d rather let the customers do the talking. Head on over to
    Facebook, or hit Google, and spend a while looking at the testimonials and
    reviews from REAL customers world over. That speaks for itself. And thank
    you for taking the time to comment.

  17. SONI MAX says:


  18. ProjectAD says:

    Lonnie – what are you looking for when you’re looking for sugar in a
    supplement? What’s your purpose/goal/sport?

  19. Merith Laponder says:

    Bodybuilding Supplements are the additional nutrition which is taken by
    athletes and those persons who want to increase their muscle mass.

  20. Maxim Byzov says:


  21. Gurabate Fundul says:


  22. RaHuL's ChAnNeL says:


  23. Kevin S. Davis says:

    Calorie usage depends on activity levels, the more active, the more
    calories are used. It takes 1.5 calories a minute to keep the body
    operating smoothly, without additional activity.

  24. doubtfulnoob says:

    bullshit dont trust all the comments below, it’s a scam

  25. mpol mpoli says:


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