Repotting, Passive Hydroponics and Growth Hormones

Another repotting video with a quick chat about passive hydroponics and growth hormones.
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  1. firebug0001 says:

    WTF IS GOING ON AT 1:12?

  2. TheSavain says:

    dont you ever top your plants to get more of a bush? i do that with every
    one of my plants:D

  3. firebug0001 says:

    also, you guys should check out tomatogrowers,com for some new types of
    peppers, i think the hottest they have would be a scotch bonnet, or
    chocolate hab, but still a great selection!!!

  4. firebug0001 says:

    hey!! im just letting u guys know that im trying the passive hydroponics
    that u have tried and will let u know if it works!!

  5. TheChiliGuys says:

    @TheSavain hey! it depends on the space we’ve got available at the time.
    this plant’s in a small window which is already pushed for space, so we
    dont mind them being a bit lenghty for now! later in the season when we’ll
    be after bushier plants for outside we will be cutting them to shape and
    making a video. The Chili Guys

  6. TheChiliGuys says:

    @madmark0 and next time mark will use the correct account to reply! :P

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