HGH ABUSE in Bodybuilding- DISTENDED GUT from GROWTH HORMONE- Rich Piana

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  1. Stig Lauren says:

    What does the 5% stand for? Is it 5% chance of being alive after 60?

  2. newboldspawn says:

    Kai Greene bows and prays to Ben Pakulski each night asking for the secret
    GH no other pro has, then Ben visits him in a dream and injects him in the
    ass. Then they make out for seven minutes and have protein shakes made
    with camel cum.

  3. Iain Clark says:

    why dont these top pro’s get parts of there intestine removed? you dont
    need it all especially if you have too much

  4. iWontLose.com says:

    Solid motivational video. Major Salute from iWontLose

  5. Aaron Hernandez says:

    i think Rich should be more well known since he is completly honest

  6. JUX SOUNDZ says:

    The intestines are not located “in the stomach wall.” Study some basic

  7. roberto de leon says:

    Now I understand about the pregnant belly from kali

  8. al kath says:

    Thank you for your honesty

  9. Ivan minev says:

    bitche’s .. this guy is telling thins to you for your own good .. you
    stupid son of a bitches … fucking support him cause he’s trying to
    explain you thing’s that no drug (steroid) seller is going to tell you ,
    he’s been trough all of it and knows.. FUCK YOU RICH FOR PRESIDENT !! :D 

  10. rexandroza says:

    Yikes Ronnie’s abs have a huge gap and was wondering what the heck was
    that. Rich is so upfront I like that

  11. alphazoom says:

    Actually this would be one of Rich’s videos I have to say is good. He
    clearly admits the 70′s and 80′s guys looked the best because they were
    only on roids and not a whole mess of other shit. Probably one of the best
    videos he’s ever done. HGH is shit.

  12. Alex Calmets says:

    I have a question…. yes i understand HGH can do this to you… but is the
    dose that you take can help against that

  13. David Duan Jr says:

    Straight up facts to learn to

  14. guest says:

    the rock had a herniated belly button just this year. THAT’s where he got
    it from

  15. Gawador says:

    I noticed Phil heath Mr Olympia 2014 had the hernia bellybutton. 

  16. shsram says:

    Well explained Mr. Piana. I’m glad I clicked on this vid.

  17. cooklad says:

    How much GH do you actually have to take to make this occur? I was looking
    at cycling it for 3months of the year 6iu a day for 3months solid! Same
    time every year, would this cause such extreme events?

  18. Artem Klimov says:

    He is soooo right! Thank you for the video!

  19. doloman77 says:

    What about big ramy he has a nice waist better then all of them right now

  20. johnjohn1985 says:

    Thank you for the honesty. God bless you

  21. David Sutherland says:

    Real talk Rich….Thank you!

  22. Albo84100 says:

    Is it only large amounts of hgh that causes distended abdominals ? Is there
    a safer small amount go hgh that can be used so to get some of the benefits
    without looking like terrible ?

  23. raidacaipo says:

    Kai Greene has been pregnant for years! Now Phil… it all makes sense now

  24. dbennett4 says:

    I thought brain and eyes were the only 2 tissues that don’t grow from hgh

  25. Roberto Crescenza says:

    Great video man !!!! keep it coming!!!!

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