Fish Oil + Amino Acids While Intermittent Fasting = OK? | Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, & Health Tips

MY TAKE ON WHY FISH OIL IS BAD FOR YOU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfyiVWOU5XQ Are Gum, Fish Oil, BCAA’s, Herbal Supplements, Etc. OK While Fasting?: ht…
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  1. ArmpitFishsauce says:

    Selenium In the fish help rid the mercury you consume from the fish
    The studies that were done On mercury were people who ate whale and shark
    meat which contain very little selenium and tons of mercury, so eat as much
    fish as you want.

  2. Respect the Vessel with Low Carb Cory says:
  3. cicada says:

    I bet 99% of the viewers don’t even know what an animo acid is loll

  4. Keeth Y says:

    Sup Benjamin, eat chia and flaxseed and spinach, good luck Benjamin! fish
    oil is full of crap even if they are branded names. taking supplements
    taken from their fiber is bad Benjamin. 2 cups spinach a day :D lots of
    beans and brown rice, :i

  5. Look Create says:

    Great question/answer video

  6. Respect the Vessel with Low Carb Cory says:

    I supplement with magnesium every day, religiously, whether or not I’m
    fasting. My fasted cardio makes me sweat out a lot of magnesium, and
    obviously I wouldn’t be replenishing any of it if I didn’t supplement. It
    keeps me from having muscle spasms.

  7. Etienne Biart says:

    I really like this style of videos and your info / advice was spot on

  8. megajames3000 says:

    too bad it’s bullshit

  9. Jorge Perez says:

    Ur the fuckin man Cory!

  10. calboycustoms says:

    killin it with the no bull shit attitude, subscribed brotha keep it going

  11. Ricky Karras says:

    Hi Cory

  12. Jack Tripper says:

    what about magnesium on fast days?

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