Do You Need Whey Protein?

Do you need whey protein? Find out in this episode of Ask Yuri. Get a FREE fat loss workout and my best energy boosting secrets in the “Y Factor”. Yours FREE…


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  1. D hooy7 says:

    What about building muscle? What sources are best? Which plant foods are
    best pre and post workout? I heard leucine is importand and bcaas. 

  2. D hooy7 says:

    Look at Derek tresize, Ed Bauer and etc. they are vegan and not skinny. 

  3. BhadMan316 says:

    60 grams for 70kilo body weight?????? i thought it was a gram per pound of
    body wheight???

  4. Acc3z says:

    Zeeeeeezzzz, he’s still alive!

  5. Milka Namina says:

    hemp seeds are also delicious

  6. Yuri Elkaim says:
  7. KiddahDirt says:

    So why does everyone say you need 1.8 grams protein vs what you said? .8
    per kg O_o? 

  8. Mohammed Zulfiqar says:

    I started using whey protein a few weeks ago and to be honest i could go on
    without and they’re wouldn’t be that much of a difference in my physical
    performance , however it does help satisfy my sweet tooth, you can make
    milkshakes smoothies even brownies from recipes found on YouTube. So if
    you’re a guy that love desert i would definitely recommend you try using a
    good whey protein.

  9. paripower54 says:

    Thank you for all the good information. I wish you a happy and healthy new

  10. cale benar says:

    Happy Holidays Yuri :) 

  11. Steven Andrews says:

    every vegan i know are skinny with very little muscle 

  12. Lucas Menezes says:

    Even if you are an athlete, does only 0.8g/kg necessary?

  13. Robert Daudish says:

    Question asked by “ZYZZ”, really?

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