Testosterone -The Effects

The first in a series about testosterone for FTMs, their friends and family. This video talks about the major effects testosterone will have on your body. Ad…
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  1. bigconan says:

    The effects are also highly dependent on the amount you take. If you take
    200mg per week you will not gain nearly as much as 600mg per week.

  2. bigconan says:

    many things that were said are completely false. Especially with regards
    to fat loss. Not sure where he got that info from. I know guys that have
    gotten in single digit body fat % while on test. It can shred you up while
    also building muscle. depending on your diet. 

  3. jhayphee cantil says:

    Thank you for this video…..
    I wanna ask….what would happen to a person when he will stop using

  4. JoJo Ewing says:
  5. SethExM says:

    One of the interesting things about putting information on the web is the
    ability to find the ‘outliers’ that exist but don’t get brought up in the
    literature. How many years have you been on ‘T’? Is your Adam’s apple
    clearly visible, or can you just feel it when you rub your throat?
    Unfortunately, most Transmen don’t develop a significant one if they are
    well past puberty when they start hrt. Congrats!

  6. Elisio vargas aguero says:

    That was very good an thanks we all need more information out here

  7. HeadshotHurricane says:

    Thanks man very helpful :)

  8. Kalel Gee says:

    i been on T for 3 years, my adams apple developed in the spring of this
    year. u did a geat job with this video and yes, there are some utliners.
    Everybody told me wen i started T that i wont get an adams apple and it
    happened. glad it did too and yes it is signifcant. there are many things
    that transmen dont discuss about T that people shud be aware of.

  9. themasterzjewel says:

    mensfitnessusacom check out this and testosterone, this is what lead me to
    your video just find out the side effects……

  10. Kalel Gee says:

    i started T in my 30s and i developed an adams apple. so thats not true at

  11. cubecalirican says:

    u did a great job on that Seth! keep up the good work.

  12. Radu Elf says:

    When I was 16 my parents took me to a doctor that injected me 4 times i
    guess once a week testosterone . I was a small guy like 1,60 which I am now
    too. They decided to stop the treatment now I’m 33 and I found out more
    about testosterone effects. Do you think there is a chance of being
    affected after so much time? I never took any testosterone after that.

  13. Kelley Walters says:

    I started t in my 30′s and I have an adams apple too

  14. littlebirdie15th says:

    Nice video, i started making videos about my own transition on my channel

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