Life with Anxiety: Daily Vitamins + Anxiety Update

This is my daily vitamin routine that has been helping with my anxiety. I also give a update on my anxiety.


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  1. Lisa Sc says:

    I been taking 500mg Niacin; I learned it suppose to help depression. I
    think it’s been helping me somewhat.

  2. collegevlogger12 says:
  3. Lisa Sc says:

    You seem like a really sweet person. How much does this – is that a
    multi-vitamin with the probiotic in it?

  4. fleetingdays says:

    Thank you for sharing! I also take 1000mg fish oil a day. And, like you
    said, once you open the bottle of pills. They need to go into the
    refrigerator! Have a nice week! 

  5. Rickgrimezzz89 says:

    Good to feel not alone with this dumb anxiety problem lol thanks for the

  6. Gunnystanish7 says:


  7. chessnuts101 says:

    This is awesome! sorry i stumbled on to your channel and saw you are or
    going to be an occupational therapy student. i have anxiety too and am
    waiting to study ot as well. iv had so many issues with my anxiety and
    last year i got the opportunity to study it. i had to move interstate it
    was really hard… i had placement that i had to do whilst studying ot and
    it was one of the worst experiences of my life. i had opened up to my
    supervisor about having anxiety and it made my life horrible she judged me.
    told me i had to get over it and that she also experienced anxiety. it goes
    over and over my head again and again untill i get into a depression slum.
    id love to know how you coped if you had placement. 

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