Nutrition For Tennis Players And All Athlete

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  1. Ron Atkinson says:

    I enjoyed this video a great deal and would like to try vegan but am
    somewhat at a loss as where to start. I have enrolled in a couple of your
    courses and did an endorsement for your serve program. I am sold on your
    methods and have used many with my students.
    Any guidance you could give would be appreciated and I will run with them.
    I am 6-3 and fight my weight 235-240, my strokes are 5.0 but obviously my
    movement is limited. I would really just like to feel great and energized
    once more. I am 64yo and soon to be 65.
    If you don’t mind sharing what is your ht and wt and % body fat. You look
    very fit in all your videos and extremely agile.

    Ron Atkinson USPTA

  2. Rajeev Prv says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for those veggie nutritional facts. I have one question
    about eating in b/w practice sessions. Can we take dry fruits or fruits in
    b/w practice. My doctor said that they need more calories for digestion
    consequently tiring us.

  3. Stefan Rahovean says:

    Hi Tom, I’m also a tennis instructor and I have to say that I tried all the
    diets and nutrition advice out there. In my case, I found that the gluten
    free worked well, because many of the super processed “evil” foods and
    desserts are made with flour. Being vegan was a little too restrictive for
    me and I didn’t feel very energetic even though I was eating plenty of
    fruit and starches for about one year. Somehow, when I eat meat, my
    testosterone level and overall vitality (energy) goes through the roof and
    I can play for 5 hours of singles at a 5.5 level. Eating meat is definitely
    harder to digest and I only do it the day before I have a match or a long
    practice. I spoke with a friend of mine who’s a doctor and he told me that
    testosterone is made by the body from cholesterol. I know that the liver
    also makes its own cholesterol, but when I eat red meat I definitely feel
    the spike in vitality the next day. I guess that we’re all different and
    some diets work for some and not for others. Djokovic and Nadal both said
    in their books that they eat animal protein mainly in the evening after
    practice. These two “tennis animals” probably have the most amount of
    energy out there. Do you think that they can have even more energy being
    vegan? that would be quite a treat for the eyes :) 

  4. Jagdeep Samra says:

    Hi Tom,
    My son is 5 years old and is working really hard. Is it advisable to
    continue with a non-vegan diet till he turns 17-18 yrs old as it is his
    growing age. (eg. lack of calcium rich food that is abundant in dairy etc
    will take a toll on his growth). Can he turn Vegan later when he turns pro
    later in life ?

  5. Parnit Singh says:

    i am 22 and i want to play tennis professionally … just that i am bit
    worried about the age thing … even though my fitness levels are average
    and i believe i can get myself there and i am vegan from birth but i wanna
    ask does it possible for my body to handle such a pressure at professional
    level?? .. thanks

  6. michael pauli says:

    great. and easy to understand.

  7. Jia Yoong Chong says:

    Hi Coach Tom, thank you sincerely for your great videos. I would like to
    ask what kind of starches, carbohydrates do you normally consumer despite
    potatoes, sweet potatoes. ? Thank you for replying. Wish you the best in

  8. Sergio Martínez says:

    Thank you so much for your nutrition advise!

  9. kais weis says:

    hi tom, how many potatos should i eat to not feel hungry? and is only
    eating potatos for a meal and realistic lifestyle?

  10. Himanshu Gambhir says:

    Hi Tom ,
    How can i fulfill my protein requirement on a vegan diet.

  11. dolphins707 says:

    love ya Tom, keep making the best tennis vids on youtube.

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