Prohormones: TREN

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  1. JON H says:

    why does your video look like an acid trip?

  2. Rudy Rodriguez says:

    Very Informative dude!! Good Shit!! 

  3. Asoka Mano says:

    I say use Cycle Assit meant both for during a cycle and as a pct.

  4. Preston Jacobson says:

    Im freakin out man 0.o

  5. TrendSetterMusic says:

    whats a good dosage

  6. Nature Yo says:

    What would u say bout staking tren with dmz for first cycle? Cuz so I get
    the most of the results I could for first cycle

  7. Nature Yo says:

    What kind of high reps u mean? Like around 30 for 3 sets or just non stop?

  8. Nature Yo says:


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