We are reviewing Machine whey protein from MTS Nutrition. Its the Chocolate flavor isolate, concentrate blend. I said in the video the taste was just alright…


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  1. anthony russell says:

    No disrespect to tiger fitness but mts whey is not even close to being the
    best tasting protein plus its lumpy ……… ive tried the chocolate and
    purchase the peanut butter

  2. quinlansee1 says:

    thanks for the honest review man

  3. Kim Hoeltje says:

    Good review! I am looking forward to trying the cookies and cream! I heard
    it’s awesome! 

  4. greg1234556789 says:

    But you bought chocolate? I think you should review another flavor just
    saying xD I’ve never bought a chocolate or vanilla flavor ever since the
    first few I tried and gave up on that flavor all together, maybe cookies
    and cream next or another?

  5. ILOVELIVIN says:

    Great review Meech! This was the best tasting I ever had. I don’t do
    protein supps anymore because get it in my diet. If I ever do I will try
    the Dymatize Elite you like.

  6. xWebbyJoe says:

    You know its a good video when theres 150 likes and 0 dislikes

  7. SCS Powerlifting says:

    Solid review thanks for the heads up!!

  9. Fahim Hussain says:

    new subscriber! i really enjoy all of your reviews,if you can,can you make
    a review on your favorite Optimum Nutrition Whey flavor is or Cellucor whey
    Flavor is? Thanks!

  10. Christopher Wortham says:

    More protein for your dollar.

  11. antdogg2008 says:

    Does it taste better than combat cookies n cream?

  12. Mark Macqueen says:

    good review dude

  13. Fasted Sith says:

    Which Protein do you think is the best tasting? Very good fair evaluation
    and review!

  14. tigerslear says:

    LOL Thats funny your right most of the protein powders out there you
    open it up and its half full and you say “What THE ! ‘

  15. NS Bodybuilding says:

    Nice review! Im looking to get some soon just to try it!

  16. Nimba says:

    Please do a full day meal plan sample video

  17. threedabs glenn says:
  18. threedabs glenn says:

    some whey is good like you say isolate don’t give me gas but if it lactose
    that’s when the carzy gas go off nice review:)

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