AdreN.O.lyn Bulk Pre-Workout Review

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  1. Brayan Lopez says:

    Just tried this today …. #thehypeisreal :0

  2. Jose Luis Perez Mendez says:

    I have been taking pre workout supplements when I started going to the gym
    3 years ago but I have a question, do they damage your liver??? Does
    adrenolyn have any side affects???

  3. Marco s says:

    Can you still this? I tried going on their site, but it didn’t let me enter

  4. Dane3737 says:

    @aka2010ism To be honest I have not heard much about pills to restore
    adrenal sensitivity, I recommend just taking time off of any caffeine

  5. Dane3737 says:

    @bigboomshot That will be my next video then =]

  6. silva1233 says:

    I took it before lifting

  7. George Hernandez says:

    dude, happened to me yesterday! I looked it up, and you’re not the only one
    saying that! I wanna keep taking it, but once i get off of it, will i be
    able to work regularly again?

  8. Dane3737 says:

    @evilzed67 Just changed it actually due to a change in my school schedule.
    Sunday – Chest Monday – Off Day Tuesday – Arms Wednesday – Back Thursday –
    Calves Friday – Shoulders and Traps Saturday – Legs

  9. bigboomshot says:

    you should do a video how why you started bodybuilding, you stats ect. it
    be awsome to see how far youve come :P

  10. Bryan Cobb says:

    1, 3 is a potent stim kinda like adderall it will dehydrate your “privates”
    causing ED in stim sensitive people

  11. HabitualEcstasy says:

    Keep in mind that this product does not use 1.3 any longer due to and FDA
    ban on marketing products containing 1,3 “dmaa” .

  12. silva1233 says:

    To be honest this product made me not get an erection. Has this happened to

  13. evilzed67 says:

    What’s your 6 day split like?

  14. evilzed67 says:

    @Dane3737 One day just for calves that’s hardcore, good job tho!

  15. Bryan Cobb says:

    this is due to the 1,3 in it. Any hardcore stimulant (especially 1,3) can
    cause stim dick (ED) which is probably the cause of this. As soon as you
    discontinue the use of 1,3 you should be good.

  16. Dane3737 says:

    Never happened to me personally. Did you take it prior to sex or prior to

  17. saulsolache says:

    I’m using cuts with some peps were sharing it works great.

  18. 1398713 says:

    what do you mean’ this is due to the 1,3 in it”"

  19. Victor Wolf Peña says:

    u play gears 3 ??

  20. Remy S. says:

    fuck ya daner!

  21. Dane3737 says:

    @evilzed67 Yea, mine were not up to par at my last comp so I decided no
    more eff’n around

  22. Dane3737 says:

    @SouljaVic Nah, I do not own that one. I only have like 8 xbox games, they
    are all so expensive so I only buy the ones I really want lol

  23. TheReturnOfTheOcho says:

    I started using this stuff because everything else just was not getting me
    the energy like I used to. I use one scoop and it works great for me. I
    have lots of energy and no shakes.

  24. armyjo75 says:

    Adrenolyn is amazing , I been on te product for 7 months straight and it
    has not yet failed. My first month was with regular Adrenolyn then I
    switched to cuts until today , started the bulk and its amazing…. This
    product puts out great focus , energy, pumps , and better yet results .
    Must Try!!!

  25. silva1233 says:

    I am good when i am off it. I just wished that it didn’t happen when i take
    it. Good to know though.

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