White Flood V2 Review

Controlled Labs pre workout. Good stuff.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. TheSuppReviews says:

    you should give the second version a shot, most people like it way better

  2. Back Brah says:

    thanks for explaining each ingredient though

  3. killingbeastxx says:

    whats your fav PWO

  4. n says:

    how can you tell which is v1 and v2 labeling is exact same

  5. fluffynyamo says:

    Good review !!

  6. pussyfan2123 says:

    Fuck iam in a train & cant hear shiiiit

  7. mmawrestlereg says:

    ur 2 loud

  8. TheSuppReviews says:

    The flavouring improved immensely for V2

  9. MoonJuice2036 says:

    speak the fuck up!

  10. Back Brah says:

    can barely hear

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