DH Kiefer – ultra low carb training, strategic use of carbs, why clean paleo carbs don’t exist

https://www.facebook.com/PrimalEdgeHealthShow DH Kiefer came on and we had an awesome conversation. Kiefer’s books ““The Carb Nite Solution: The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting” and…
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  1. Plaeng Nakrien says:

    Tristan, thank you for shedding light and different perspectives on so many
    topics while doing these interviews. There is one thing i heard that really
    confuses me and i could not find any clear answer on the statement and it
    is about when he said that after a few weeks of a real keto diet, that
    “skeletal muscle refuses to use ketones as fuel”.. But rather uses fatty
    acid stores instead. So by using those fatty acids and metabolizing fat
    stores, wouldn’t that produce ketones ?? ..and what, the muscle doesn’t use
    the ketones ?? If someone could help my umderstanding of this it would be
    HIGHLY appreciated !! THANX !

  2. UreaSmith says:

    FAke picture on right. He ain’t that big.

  3. Jason Bourne says:

    Very interesting interview.

  4. Graeme Bryce says:

    Recent subscriber, great channel, like your mind.

  5. wevegonehigh says:

    Hey man loving your interviews! I think someone you could be interested in
    interviewing about ketogenic diet and adapation to it would be “stephanie
    keto person” on youtube. She has been on a strict ketogenic for 4 years and
    never been out of ketosis. She has alot of science based information on the
    ketogenic diet as well as personal. Check out her videos and i would love
    to see you interview her man! 

  6. Alexandru Ureche says:

    Hey,you cannot have an interview with Lazar Angelov?

  7. Carter Morris says:

    I would also be very interested in either an argument between all of the
    interviewees, or at least a video describing how you’re reconciling all of
    the different view points. Great content on this channel!

  8. TB G says:
  9. Yilda Abreu says:
  10. Fake Pilot says:

    Bought his book after this video. ;-) 

  11. Jake Highley says:

    White potatoes are not paleo, sweet potatoes and peppers are paleo 

  12. Daniel Taylor says:

    Great video, thanks. Kiefer–one piece of advice. When you speak, do not
    raise your voice at the end so that it sounds like a question.

  13. Neeraj Engineer says:

    Is there a link for Kiefer’s insulin spiking product? 

  14. jeninalanzi says:

    How awesome! I just recently subscribed to you, you are eloquent and I
    enjoyed listening to your videos regarding the ketogenic diet. However I
    have been a Kiefer fan for 2 years now, so this is very much a treat!

  15. PhysiquesOfNaturalness says:

    Kiefer needs to get off the drugs though … u cant take credit for fitness
    achievements being on anabolic drugs

  16. Thomas Hemming Larsen says:

    Really interesting interview! But how can you say that Jack Kruse’s
    ideas/thoughts are about not stressing about life etc.? I have never heard
    anyone who to such a degree says we’re all doomed, that we’re doing
    everything wrong and will die a miserable death.

  17. Daniel Taylor says:

    Hunter gatherers often eat honey and fruit.

  18. Carter Morris says:

    Have you or any of these experts read Grain Brain? I would be very
    interested to get a review by one of y’all.

  19. KetoLiftSleepRepeat says:

    Really interesting stuff man! Loving it.

  20. Taga lucchi says:

    Another great interview learning so much…..thanks 

  21. distantstar20 says:

    so interesting that he is using fenugreek! it’s what lactating mothers use
    to increase supply makes me wonder about other lactation supplements (like
    goat’s rue) as aiding in the better use of fat in the body. Essentially
    that is what lactating mothers are trying to achieve using the fat and food
    to better make fatty milk! Makes me wonder about using an emulsifier like
    sunflower lecithin. When would be the best time to use it? During a meal,
    before a workout, on an empty stomach, post workout?

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